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5 cose che si può fare solo a Interlaken, Svizzera

What follows is a list of no more than six and no less than four things that are unique to Balmers Hostel, a proud member of Europe’s Famous Hostels, that you simply have to experience in order to be socially accepted as a human being:

1. Best Drinking Water

The water here is bloody good. You can drink all of it. Even the toilet water. One guest drank some of our tap water and started believing in a divine creator instantly. In fact, our water is so good, Evian once wrote to us asking to give them the secret of our perfect water. We did and the next day stocks in Danone (Evian’s controlling company) sky-rocketed. We’re not saying the two are linked, butIf you haven’t tasted the perfect water yet, then you know what to put on your travel wish list.

2. Shin-Cup Noodles Mantra

Koreans love us and we love them. A part of the reason is our shared appreciation for Shin-Cup noodles. We all share a complex relationship filled with animalistic passion and spring onions, ignited by only a short pour of our famous boiling water (which may even be better than our cold water!). For the price of only 1.45 Toblerone bars you too could join us in this tantric chamber of noodle loveliness and be instantly transported to a place only people who eat Shin-Cup noodles are allowed. You will see, food in Switzerland is criminally expensive to everyone but the Swiss and people with large house-yachts, so the fact that you can get a (debatably) nutritious and (arguably) filling meal for such a small price means you have more money to spend on…

3. Toblerone Happiness

Although untrue, the only place in the world you can buy Toblerone is here at Balmers Hostel. Toblerone have been voted World Chocolate of the Year on four separate occasionstwo of the times were in the same year! Everyone loves chocolate and if you had the opportunity to buy the best in the world from the only place that sells them and you didn’t, then good luck with natural selection.

4. Fireplace Your Life

Most hostels shy away from having proper fires in their building due stringent fire laws, but here in Interlaken we don’t have a fire serviceso we go mental! This place is lit at night, in both a literal and metaphoric sense and it’s all thanks to our monstrously disobedient fire. When it’s a cold dark night here in Interlaken, rest assured that you will be warmed vigorously and uniformly whilst regaling tales to your new friends in front of our instagrammably-pretty wood stove.

5. Standing For What Is Right

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, as should be blatantly obvious by now. We love to have fun and mess around and be unorthodox because that’s who we are. Many hostels are now just multi-bed hotels where it’s okay to sleep, but we, at Balmers, can’t bare the idea that this incredible place that was created all those years ago would ever lose any of its quirk. The guests who stay here consistently remark how this does not feel like a hostel and because of this is without question the best they have ever stayed in. We are proud to be unique and we are never going to change.

If you think you might actually want to do some real traveling and stay in the best hostel EVER, then you really have no choice but to come Balmers Hostel, do you?

Plus, we have the softest Beds. Period.

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