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Rome Food Guide

Rome Food Guide

Every year, millions of people go to Rome to see things like the famous Colosseum, the Forum, and St. Peter’s Basilica. However, some people also visit Italy for its wine and cuisine. When visiting Rome, there’s plenty of food you’ve got to try! Read on to see where to go in our Rome Food Guide!

Rome Food Guide

Rome Food Guide

General Tips

Like most big cities, Rome isn’t prone to tourist trap restaurants. As a general rule, stay away from restaurants near main transit stations and tourist attractions if you’re looking for an authentic experience. These places typically rush you in and out, robbing you of the dream Roman dining experience you deserve!

Tipping culture varies from country to country, but in Italy, it’s included in the bill! A nice tip to have if you’re watching your pennies!

And the Italians eat late. Restaurants don’t start filling up with locals until 9 or 10pm, which can be a pretty clear sign you’re a tourist if you’re eating any earlier than that :)


When in Rome, do as the Romans do! The Italians love a healthy dose of sugar, java, and vitamin C in the morning, and aren’t into big breakfasts. A cappuccino, a cornetto, and a glass of fresh orange juice will gear you up for a busy day of sight seeing! If you find yourself within the vicinity of Vatican City, we recommend Antico Caffè Doria. However, any Bar will do!

But if you need more than the typical Italian breakfast, we recommend Barbieri 23. You can get anything from Greek yogurt, to eggs Benedict, and more! What would a Rome Food Guide be without giving you a few breakfast options?


While we always recommend a big lunch so you don’t have to spend so much on dinner, we think you should skip that rule in Rome and just eat all the meals! Rome is full of fresh food markets, so this is a great lunch option! Try out the Mercato Campo de’ Fiori, fill up your basket, and have a picnic near the Colosseum, in a park, or Villa Borghese!

If you’d rather a sit down lunch, no worries. The Italians are masters in the kitchen, so take your pick from pasta, salad, panini, or pizza!

For a sit down, authentic Roman experience, we recommend Enoteca Corsi. You can also find tons of great spots to eat in Trastevere!

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Quando le giornate sono prive di colori, possiamo andarli a cercare nei mercati, che ne sono pieni. Colori che si uniscono a odori e voci ed è questo insieme che rende certi spazi così allegri e variopinti, così interessanti non solo per ciò che si vende o si compra… ma anche per ciò che si vive e si respira. E il mercato storico di Campo dei Fiori, meta molto amata, lo sa bene… – Foto: @romeexpress – #lestradediroma #letuestrade #roma #campodeifiori #mercatocampodeifiori #campodefiori #cosavederearoma #inrhome #vivoroma #ig_roma #igersroma #RaccontandoRoma #roma_bestphoto #romacityofficial #volgoroma #centrodiroma #centrostorico #mercato #mercatidiroma #cartoline_roma #romeismore #romatoday #romamia #colori #colours

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As we’ve already said, the Romans like to eat late. Of course you’re not expected to do exactly as the Romans do, but at least you can try! Like with lunch, you have an array of dishes to choose from. This very well could be the most important section in our Rome Food Guide.

The hardest part is deciding what to eat, because you’ll want to try everything! Just like at lunch, practically any restaurant in Trastevere will be a worthy choice. However, don’t expect the best places to have an available table whenever you decide to rock up. Do your research and book ahead! Da Enzo Al 29 is a well known place that won’t disappoint your Italian food dreams!

Now, if you want a reallllly Italian dining experience, and you’re willing to make the trip, we can’t recommend Ristorante Arturo enough! It’s a bit difficult to get to as it’s not exactly in the city centre, but we promise you it’s absolutely worth the trek!


For those hot summer days, a nice cold treat is just what you need! You can find a Gelateria on literally every corner, but there’s one place in particular you won’t want to miss! Giolitti’s is one of the most famous gealterias in Rome. They even have a champagne flavour, and we swear you can taste the champagne bubbles! Try it with a scoop of raspberry for something extra delicious.

We’d be silly to leave Crostata (Roman cheesecake) off our Rome Food Guide! Made with ricotta cheese, and topped with fruit, it’ll satisfy your sweet tooth!

For something more savoury, you can pick up a Pizza Bianca. It’s basically a salty flatbread, and will surely tie you over between meals!

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Rome Food Guide

Given all the sights and museums in Rome, you’ll definitely be working up an appetite. But with a guide like this, you should have no reason to wonder where to get your next meal!

Looking for more information on Rome? Check out our post on Discover Rome! Rome also gets an honourable mention in 43 destinazioni, 43 punti caldi di Instagram, and 15 deve visitare mercati delle pulci europei.

Looking for a place to stay in the Eternal City? Book your accommodation at the famous Alessandro Palace & Bar in Rome!

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