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La mia avventura iberica – Seville

If you read my previous post about Granada, then you’d know that I left with a very heavy heart. Not only did I have an amazing time in Granada, but arriving in Seville meant My Iberian Adventure was coming to an end.

I travelled to Seville by bus and train which was my last use of the Eurail pass for the remainder of the trip.

From Granada, the train company arranged a bus that went directly to Antequera, and dropped me off just in time to connect with a train that went to Seville. This detour was the result of a broken rail line and regardless of this fact, the company organized a great way to get where I needed to go. I cherished my last train ride because it quickly became my favourite way to travel throughout the Iberian Peninsula for the month.The olive trees that sprawled across large areas of land coupled with the unique terrain revealed the essence of the Spanish and Portuguese countryside to me!

Day 1

The rooftop terrace also had a swimming pool which was ideal to freshen up and a lounge area with picnic tables to relax and and have drinks with friends.

I arrived to the last hostel on My Iberian Adventure, Oasis Backpackers Palace Seville, with ease from the train station in Seville. I hopped on Bus 32 towards Plaza del Duque for 1,40 EUR and got off at the last stop. I walked four minutes down Alfonso XII street and got to the hostel. I arrived before the check-in was available so I did some work on the rooftop terrace. The terrace was absolutely stunning and a perfect spot for backpackers that looked for refuge from the hot sun in Sevil

Once I was able to check in, I dropped my things off and went to explore the city. During my exploration, I learned the number one thing to consider when travelling to Seville on a Sundayalmost all stores are closed. I went on a relaxing walk around the city and took some pictures of the city centre before I went back to the hostel and wound down in my bunk bed. I was so relaxed I even treated myself to a face mask before getting some rest, in preparation for the next day’s activities!

Day 2

I started off Monday on a high note by going on a walking tour with Pancho Tours. They picked us up from the Oasis Backpackers Palace and brought us to the meeting point in front of La Giralda.

For me, Plaza de España was especially unique because of the detailed artwork displayed on every piece of ceramic, the alcoves that showcased every province in Spain and the architecture of Spanish Regionalism I had only ever seen in Seville.

The tour was a total of 2.5 hours long with a 15 minute break in between. We went around the most important points of Seville and we were given a brief history lesson on each location La Giralda, Real Alcázar de Sevilla (where they filmed Dorne in Game of Thrones), Torre de Oro, University of Seville and the famous Plaza de España were just a few of the incredible spots we got to see. Our Free Walking Tour ended in the lungs of the city, Maria Luisa Park, but I stayed longer to take some more pictures of the beautiful area.

After lunch I made my way back to the hostel, got a Flamenco Show ticket for later that evening, and cooled off by the pool after a few hours in the sun! Hanging out by the rooftop pool I got to meet many travellers from Brazil, Denmark, Portugal, and the United States. We were enjoying a fantastic afternoon in the sun when the weather took a turn and the rain clouds started rolling in. That was my queue to start getting ready for the Flamenco Show. Olé!

They were an empowering trio that consisted of a guitarist, a singer, and a dancer. The show was absolutely captivating.

The Flamenco Show in Triana was a total highlight! The guide from Pancho Tours gave us an informative historical background on Flamenco before the show began while we enjoyed some Orange wine! We were able to fully understand and appreciate the three stars of the show and why they offered such passion, expression and pure rhythm in their performance.

The singer’s powerful voice served to help evoke painful emotions described within the lyrics. It was also refreshing to see two young artists (the guitarist and the dancer) enjoy such a traditional art-form. The venue, Pura Esencia, was very intimate. It seemed like only a maximum of 50 people could spectate, but the rhythms coming off the feet of the dancer, and the strumming from the spanish guitar captivated everybody’s attention. The dancer would clap and strike her feet on the ground to the rhythm of the music. She told a very interesting story with her whole body and the music that accompanied her added to the intensity of the performance.

The saying is truetime flies when you’re having fun!

After enjoying Flamenco, I grabbed a bite to eat with a couple I had met earlier on the rooftop that also went to the Flamenco Show. I got some rest after dinner because I had to prepare for the final day of My Iberian Adventure.

Day 3

The last day of My Iberian Adventure was spent doing some work in the morning and by noon I set off to explore. I explored with a friend that I met in Granada and toured around Santa Cruz, the old Jewish quarter. It was enchanting to get lost in Santa Cruz because the streets were tiny, the buildings were all painted white, and most had beautiful overgrowth of plants and flowers that added a bit of life to the aged buildings. After getting lost in the tiny streets we made our way to my favourite tapas bar in Seville named Bodega Santa Cruz. I recommend it to everybody! We ventured out of our comfort zone and had Carrillada de Ternera (Beef cheeks), Eggplants with honey and Estofado de Pollo (Chicken Stew), which were all delicious.

After my friend and I finished touring Santa Cruz I went back to the hostel to get organized and to pack up my backpack. Since I was leaving at 4 A.M. I wanted to make sure I had everything in order for me to leave Seville. Once I did, I had time for one last Pub Crawl to end my trip on a high note. The Pub Crawl at the Oasis Backpackers Palace was 10 EUR and it offered two bars, one club, a mojito and three shots. Since we went on a Tuesday and nightclubs were closed, the crawl was scheduled to go to two bars only.

Rey, our Pub Crawl guide was so animated and pumped that he got everybody ready to party while at the rooftop bar, where I enjoyed my tasty mojito. From there we went to La Rebotica where the speakers were filled with vibrant Latin music and had everybody dancing!

On my final flight, I had to wrap my head around the fact that My Iberian Adventure with Famous Hostels was officially over.

Sadly, my night ended at La Rebotica because of my early departure but the rest of the Pub Crawl continued on to the second bar. I made my way to the airport around 4 A.M., and had plenty of time to check in my backpack for my 7 A.M. flight. My flight plan for the day was Seville to Lisbon, Lisbon to Boston, and Boston to Detroit, which was almost 20 hours in transit. In conclusion, Seville was the perfect city to end My Iberian Adventure. It summed up the entirety of the trip in a few days. Like in the six other cities that I visited I met amazing people from all over the world, participated in unique activities, and became a professional city explorer!

For those of you who are excited to travel and stay in a hostel (perhaps for your first time), you might be intimidated by not knowing what to expect from your stay. Famous Hostels takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. They are experts in knowing what genuine backpackers need in terms of convenient amenities like laundry, breakfast, computers, and printing services. Also, almost every hostel I stayed in had a common area, allowing backpackers from all over the world to connect over a coffee or a ‘cerveza’. Lastly, they host exciting social activities that packs your heart and mind full of fun memories with Pub Crawls, Tapas Tours, hikes, beach days, concert outings, dinner nights, rooftop yoga sessions and many more activities that are unique to each Famous Hostel that might intrigue you. It has been a blast working for such hospitable and passionate people over the past month, that aim to bring an unforgettable experience to genuine backpackers from all over the world.

Thank you for those who have followed me on every stop on this adventure. It has been an absolute pleasure to have shared with you all my experiences this past month. If you missed any of the stops, linked here are the rest of My Iberian Adventures in Porto, Lisbona, Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga e Granada! Hasta pronto!

Recommendations for Seville


Soggiornare presso Oasis Backpackers Hostel Palace


Participate in the Free Walking Tour with Pancho Tours

Experience Triana with a Flamenco Show

Meet new friends on a Giro dei pub

Take a dip in the rooftop pool

Visit Real Alcázar de Sevilla

Admire the ceramic work in Plaza de España

Get lost in the small streets of Santa Cruz

Visit La Giralda

Watch the sunset from the Metropol Parasol

Food + Drinks:

Enjoy traditional tapas at Bodega Santa Cruz

Eggplants with honey is a must

Have a ‘Tinto de Verano’ instead of Sangria

Try a glass of Orange wine



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