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Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

Want to check out some of the best street art destinations in Europe? You’ll love our colourful and artistic suggestions!

If you love street art, then you’re going to want to know the top destinations in Europe. Once seen as a form of vandalism, street art has gained respect and admiration by the art community and the public. The urban art form separates itself from graffiti lacking beauty or meaning, and gives life to otherwise boring public spaces. Its popularity has risen so much over the past few decades, that many cities include them in their main tourism attractions. Are you a street art fan and ready to explore? Read on to discover the top street art destinations in Europe!

Berlin, Germany - Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

Berlino, Germania – Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

1. Bristol, U.K.

One of the hottest street art destinations in Europe is Bristol. Thanks to the world famous artist Banksy, Bristol invites street art lovers to explore its streets and alleyways in search of some pretty famous pieces. This English city has been on the street art map since 2000, when Banksy had his famous exhibition at Severnshed.

UpFest is an annual event held in Bristol, and is Europe’s largest Street Art festival. But if you miss it, no worries. You can check out Bristol Street Art Tours, which takes you to all the famous areas!

2. Ghent, Belgium

While it might be off most people’s radar, Ghent is another hot destination for street art in Europe. For centuries, Belgians have been celebrated as pioneers in the world of art and illustration, and it’s streets show it. Famous artists like Bisser, Jolly, Night, and Roa have all created staple pieces in Ghent. If you’d like to take a walking tour to see it all, click qui for more info!

3. Milan, Italy

You’d be forgiven for assuming Milano is just a posh financial capital with an affinity for fashion and football. It’s also a beacon for street art lovers! Highlights in Milan include works by: Mr. Blob, Nais, Blu, Sten Lex, 108, and Urbansolid, which is found throughout the city. If you head to the SpazioWow Museum, you can see a piece by Nais. We recommend going on a street art tour if you want to see it all.

Top Street Art Destinations in Europe - Milan, Italy

Milano, Italia – Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

4. Valencia, Spain

Sunny Spain isn’t shy when it comes to colours and art, and Valancia is one of their most popular street art destinations. The city’s oldest neighbourhood, Barrio del Carmen, is home to some of the coolest street art in the country. But unlike other destinations, Valencia’s facades change frequently, inviting new artists and enthusiasts year after year.

Photo by Emanuele Barbieri on Unsplash

Street art in Valencia. Photo by Emanuele Barbieri on Unsplash

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Regarded as one of the street art capitals in Europe, Lisbon is a must visit destination. The overall atmosphere and open attitude towards street art makes it a popular spot for artists and enthusiasts alike. No matter what neighbourhood you find yourself in, Lisbona will surely satisfy your street art dreams!

Lisbon, Portugal - Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

Lisbona, Portogallo – Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

6. Cologne, Germany

No, it’s not Berlin! Cologne is the street art Mecca of Germany, and a quick visit will prove why. The city hosts lots of festivals and activities dedicated to street art, and its young population makes it a top street art destination in Europe. Our favourite street art festival in Cologne is the CityLeaks Festival, which offers tours around neighbourhoods featuring works by artists like Bocho.

7. Marseille, France

This guide would be incomplete without mentioning Marsiglia! The bohemian district of Cours Julien is full of beautiful murals which cover entire buildings. Something worth noting is the amount of stencil art in found in the city in comparison to others.

Marseille, France - Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

Marsiglia, Francia – Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

8. Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The Dutch are known for their creativity and appreciation of art, and Rotterdam is no exception. Just like the bigger Amsterdam, this small Dutch city is home to some incredible street art! In 2009, Rotterdam hosted the RUA Festival, and left a legacy of large murals which can still be appreciated today.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands - Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

Rotterdam, the Netherlands – Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

9. Leipzig, Germany

The last stop on the Top Street Art Destinations in Europe is Leipzig, Germania. Home to a large student and ANTIFA population, Leipzig embraces street art and there’s no shortage of incredible work on display here. While the city centre is rather bare of street art, many of its neighbourhoods are like an open canvas. The best places to take in all the amazing street art is in Plagwitz and Connewitz. You’ll love the vast array of art, mostly centred around political expression.

Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

Leipzig, Germania

Where to Stay in Europe

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Hostel ROOM in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Part of Europe's Famous Hostels

Hostel ROOM in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Part of Europe’s Famous Hostels

Top Street Art Destinations in Europe

Now that you know where to find the top street art destinations in Europe, we’re sure you won’t miss any favourites. We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to our favourite art form and have peaked your interest in some new destinations!

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