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Cosa mangiare a Varsavia

Cosa mangiare a Varsavia

There are many different holiday destinations in the world which are loved by the people to visit for spending their holidays and vacations there. One such holiday destination is Warsaw which is the capital city of Poland and is also considered to be one of the largest towns of this place. Warsaw is one such destination which is loved by many people to visit and spend their vacations there. It has various different beautiful destinations or sightseeing destinations which are loved by the people to visit.


These destinations help in making the vacations of the tourist more memorable. But apart from the sightseeing destinations, it is also important for a city to have great eating points as this would help in increasing the satisfaction of the tourists. Ever wondered what to eat in Warsaw?

While on a vacation to Warsaw one can find many different eating points where they can go and fill up their stomachs with great cuisines. Some of the restaurants and eating points for various tourists in Warsaw are:

Cheap eating joints in Warsaw

If you do not want to spend a lot of money for eating in Warsaw, then there are also many different eating points available here where you can eat thereby saving a lot of money. There are various canteens of Bar Mleczny opened at various locations in Warsaw that offers outstanding food and that too at reasonable prices. So if you are starving and wish to munch on good food then these canteens are the best.

Romantic eating points of Warsaw

If you are on a holiday with your loved one and wish to go for a romantic candle light dinner, then Warsaw has various restaurants where you can go and enjoy your food with your loved one. Halka is the one restaurant which has the correct ambience for a date night as it has the most effective interiors and lighting that helps in making the entire environment look beautiful. Another restaurant where you can go with your partner is Solec 44. This is the place where you can enjoy the best cuisines and also challenge your partners on various games available. The menu here also has various different kinds of dishes taken from various famous cuisines.

what to eat in warsaw

Munching points for kids

Chlopskie Jadlo is another family eating restaurant. This place has the most perfect family style dining in ambience that you can enjoy with your kids. Also a large variety of cuisines are offered in this restaurant which would help in fulfilling the needs and wants of all the family members.

The kids also love to eat at places that have the perfect ambience for them. In Warsaw there are many different kinds of eating points which have been particularly designed keeping in mind the needs and wants of the kids.

Hard rock café is the perfect destination when you are travelling with your kids as this is the place which has the perfect ambience that would help in satisfying the needs and wants of your child. Also the perfect dishes and foods are available here which your child would love to eat.

For the young people there are also various eating points available here, where you can go and enjoy your meals. The Warsaw Tortilla Factory is the place which is most preferred by the youngsters of the world. This is the place which has round the year hustle bustle of the people and they love to munch on the food here.

Another restaurant Zapiecek which can be found on all the streets of Warsaw is the most loved restaurant by tourists and locals alike. Steak lovers can go to the 99 Restaurant and Bar for munching on the most perfect steaks available in the entire Warsaw. You can also enjoy the commie style eating at Oberza Pod Czerwonym Wieprzem which is another known restaurant of Warsaw where one can go and enjoy their food.

Here’s snapshot of what to eat in Warsaw on your next holidaying trip around there. Bon Apetit!


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