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Top 10 Places to Eat Italian and Traditional Napolitan Cuisine in Naples As we all well know, food is extremely important for Italians, and it should be for any foreigner visiting Italy too. Yes, the pizza is fantastic but Naples has a load more to offer than just that; from fried street-food to gourmet modern takes on age-old recipes, one thing you can guarantee from a few days in this city is that you’re not going to go hungry… So just to get your

Here are some things that you must try when looking for what to eat in Stockholm: Enjoy good coffee at Stockholm If you like coffee, then Sweden is heaven on earth for you. The Cafes are a lovely place where you can enjoy a break from the bustling streets. It is a tradition in Stockholm where people drink a cup with a cookie or a pastry. The coffee here is traditionally stronger than what an American one would have to offer. An

London is the fifth stop of my one-month Famous Hostels Eurotrip! London, the capital of the UK, is one of those cities everyone has to visit at least once in a lifetime. With the most iconic red telephone booths, double-decker busses and underground stations, you won’t forget for a second where you are. My journey from Paris to London was one to never forget. With my Interrail Global Pass I took the Eurostar train that runs through the world’s longest underwater tunnel

Fed up with romantic songs, candle light dinners and roses? Stray from the ordinary with Famous Hostels and our Ultimate Guide: Non-Cheesy Valentine's Day. The main idea is to provide you a memorable Valentine's Day regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not.   Anti-Valentine's Party in Madrid If Valentine's Day is definitely not your thing, you can always go to Cat's Hostel Anti-Valentine's Party in Madrid! There will be a heart shaped piñata, a game of Pinch the Cupid (blindfolded people are meant

There is no doubt that Europe has one of the oldest brewing traditions in the world. This golden brew is also the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, even in the old country, cradle of the oldest fermented beverage in the history of mankind. And as such, Europe has the biggest beer festivals on the planet that are worth visiting. Hurray for Beer! How good a beer feels during almost any part of the day, right? It is probably the

Every year Saint Valentine's Day is special day to celebrate. From Europe's Famous Hostels we recommend you several unforgettable destinations to celebrate this day with your partner. Athens: Valentine's Day in Greece it's becoming a bigger holiday each year, at least in the hearts of merchants. In Greece tales of love are not strange at all, some Greeks believe it originally celebrated the marriage between Zeus and Hera - and launched a three-hundred year honeymoon on her island of Samos. Source: atenas.net

Hello Everybody, it is Roxana from @mytravellingbackpack and the first stop on my Iberian Adventure was Porto! I stayed at the Tattva Design Hostel, which was central and near the São Bento Rail Station and the Ponte de D. Luis I bridge! Porto is an absolutely charming city that needs to be explored! Day 1 My Iberian Adventure started off with a trek to Porto! I got to London Heathrow Airport at 1 A.M. on May 2nd and my flight left at

What to see in Bratislava While Prague might get a lot of the attention in this part of Central Europe, make no mistakes about it-Bratislava can more than hold its own against other tourist destinations. Here are just some of the great travel spots awaiting you in Bratislava. Bratislava Castle If there is one place you shouldn't skip or overlook while visiting Bratislava, it is this place. What's not to love? Not only does Bratislava give you a sense of history regarding the

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