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Location: Stockholm Length: 2.5 - 3 hours 좋은 분위기 필요: 언어: 영어, 스페인어

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기본 정보

There are so many things to see and do in Stockholm, and one can be overwhelmed by where to start. Once you get away from all the obvious sight-seeing attractions, you wonder what else is there to see! If you are fed up being a tourist and want to explore how it is to be a local and try out new experiences off the beaten track, then these are 10 tips you do not want to miss!

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1. Monteliusvägen

The best way to see the city is to walk around and see where you end up. Many people are drawn to the classic view points, but a great hidden viewpoint is called Monteliusvägen, which is a 500 meter, long foot path where you can adore beautiful sceneries over lake Mälaren, City Hall and Riddarholmen at sunrise and sunset. Many locals like to take time out and enjoy the city landscape here. It is located on top of step cliffs, but don’t worry there are safety rails.

2. Kayaking in Stockholm

Often tourists like to take the typical scenic bus /boat ride around the city. Why not get off the beaten track and try a Kayak instead and experience the inner city from the waterside. There are places where you can rent a Kayak if you feel comfortable going by yourself or there are guided tours at reasonable prices.

3. Beyond Retro

If you fancy a bit of shopping but are tired of all the same old cliché retail shops like H&M, why not try a shop called ‘Beyond Retro’ which sells cool, unique vintage clothing. There are two located in Stockholm, one on the main shopping street Drottninggatan 77 and a larger outlet at Brännkyrkagatan 82 on the South Island, Södermalm. You will most likely find a great bargain!

4. Hornstull Flea Market

This is probably one of the most well-known hipster markets in town. It’s located along Hornstull Strand on Södermalm and it is open on weekends between April- September. This market offers a wide range of items from vintage clothes, antiques to art and design crafts. It attracts the best diverse food trucks that Stockholm has to offer, which makes it a very popular destination for food lovers.

5. Cafes where the locals’ hangout

Stockholm has so many fabulous cafes that I could probably write a whole entire book on them. But here are a few that are definitely worth trying out and I promise that you won’t be disappointed! You have the STHLM Brunch Club which offers all day breakfast, brunch and lunch. Greasy Spoon Café which is not your typical pub greasy spoon, much more upbeat. They serve delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch. Café Pascal which offers great coffee and sandwiches. If you want to go a bit further afield on the South Island ‘Södermalm’ then it’s worth trying a place called Drop Coffee that serves exquisite coffee. If you don’t mind going on the outskirts of the South Island, then there is a place called AB Cafe which is a popular meeting point in Telefonplan, where many locals and students hangout. Of course, if you prefer to try a more traditional cafe where many locals love to hangout, then there is a good old café called VeteKatten in the city centre, where they serve up one of the best ‘Semla’ buns in town! They have all the coffee/tea rooms at the back, where you feel like you’ve been transported back in time.

6. Iceskating on Trekanten

During the winter time, many locals grab their skates and head to this lake called Trekanten. You can take the red line on the metro to a stop called Liljeholmen and the lake is just next to it. You might even see parents skating with their prams on the ice! Double check though that the lake has frozen properly over before you go.

7. Viking Sauna Experience

Get hooked on the ancient Scandinavian sauna culture! Heat yourself to boiling point in a traditional wood heated sauna and climb into a freezing lake.

8. Tyresta National Park

We have of course our beautiful island called Djurgården in the city centre, where many tourists flock to see many of the touristy attractions and enjoy the nature surroundings. It can get a bit crammed, especially over the Summer. If you want to escape from all the crowds, just a little bit outside of the city (20km away) is a place called Tyresta National Park with a surrounding nature reserve. Great for hiking and wanting to be at one with nature in more peaceful circumstances.

9. Vitabergsparken

There are many parks in Stockholm but one of the most beloved by locals is Vitabergs park. It is located on a hillside under a beautiful church called Sofiakyrkan. Many people come to have picnics, pre-parties before a night out or simply to celebrate the summer. They have a lot of performances showing for free during the summer time. Even on a sunny winter day, it’s a nice walk up there.

10. Cinemateket

On a rainy day, if all you want to do is sit inside and cuddle up watching a great film, then I recommend heading to Cinemateket, which is the Swedish Film Institute. This is a film buff’s heaven! It’s not your typical cinema showings. They show a great eclectic range spanning over many years. They hold special events throughout the year.

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