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일반 필터
정확한 일치만
사용자 정의 게시 유형으로 필터링

자주 묻는 질문(FAQ)

우리는 인터넷에서 사용할 수 있는 보안의 높은 표준을 사용 하 고 어떤 정보를 제출 하면, 귀하의 신용 카드 세부 정보를 포함 하 여 완전히 기밀 상태로 유지 됩니다.

각 호스텔 유지 협회의 표준, 그 사람 우리와 함께 있어 신뢰할 수 있는 브랜드를 형성 합니다. 고객 그들은 네트워크를 통해 품질의 동일한 수준의 찾을 것입니다 알아요. 각 도시는 하나의 유명한 호스텔 그리고 탁월한 가치에 훌륭한 숙박을 해야 하는 것을 보장 유명한 호스텔에 묵고.

이동 최대

Famous Hostels Discount for Interrail Pass Holders

Get a 10% discount at Famous Hostels with your Interrail or Eurail Pass

Wondering how to get discounts at hostels? It’s easy with an Interrail or Eurail pass. Read this guide to learn how!

Travel and accommodation are always the biggest expenses on any backpacking adventure, but they also can’t entirely be avoided. So how can you snag a discount?

Europe’s Famous Hostels has hosted thousands of guests all over Europe in our more than 25 years of business. And Interrail/Eurail has helped thousands more get from one great destination to the next. Together, we’ve been a huge part of countless travel memories, and we want to be part of yours. That’s why Famous Hostels and Interrail have teamed up to offer pass holders an exclusive discount at our hostels!

By simply being an Interrail or Eurail pass holder, you’re entitled to a 10% hostel discount at all destinations within the 유럽의 유명한 호스텔 network. Travel with Interrail, and save with us!

Get a 10% discount for Interrail & Eurail pass holders at Europe's Famous Hostels

Get a 10% discount for Interrail & Eurail pass holders at Europe’s Famous Hostels

Why Trains over Planes? Why Hostels over Hotels?

Europe is famous for its well connected train system, so you can generally avoid air travel. Travelling by train, or ‘Interailing’, has been common for years, but has recently seen a surge in popularity. This is mostly due to a global increased awareness of climate change and carbon footprints, especially in the airline industry.

On top of Interrailing being a greener way to travel, it’s more relaxing than flying. Trains are also much more accommodating if you’re looking to get some work done between points, or if you just want to stretch your legs. Ditch the long queues at airport security and hop onboard!

호스텔 are no longer seen as the dark and dingy budget solution they once were. Nowadays, they’re safe & welcome places for people to meet, exchange ideas or stories, and, of course, have a few drinks. And they’re suitable for everyone: backpackers, young couples, families, older people, and even business travellers.

Staying at a Famous Hostels destination means you’ll also be staying at top rated hostels. Located in 36 amazing destinations across Europe and Israel, you’ll find something to fit your needs & itinerary!

Famous Hostels Discount with Interrail & 유레일

Visit London, U.K. with Interrail / Eurail and get a 10% discount with Europe’s Famous Hostels

How do I get the 10% discount at Famous Hostels?

You probably just want us to get to the point, so here it is! Cashing in on the discount is very simple. To get the 10% discount*, just follow these steps:

  1. Book through 유럽의 유명한 호스텔**
  2. Present your booking confirmation email and Interrail / Eurail pass at check-in
  3. Enjoy 10% off your stay!

That’s it! That’s all you have to do to cash in on one of the many perks with your rail pass. While 10% might not seem like much, it’s enough to buy you at least one beer almost anywhere in Europe! Seems much more worth it now, right?

*10% discount is not accumulable with any other offers.

**Booking must be made through the Europe’s Famous Hostels website. The offer does not apply to bookings made through other platforms.

Which hostels are included?

As of 2021, there are 36 incredible hostels across 18 amazing countries waiting to host you. Travel from Edinburgh to Jerusalem, and stay famous along the way! Check out the list below for our current destinations:

Get a 10% discount for Interrail & Eurail pass holders at Europe's Famous Hostels

Five Elements Hostel in Leipzig, Germany. Get a 10% discount for Interrail & Eurail pass holders at Europe’s Famous Hostels

암스테르담, 네덜란드 – 비행 돼지 업타운

바르셀로나, 스페인 – Kabul Party Hostel

베오그라드, 세르비아 – 아르카바카 플로팅 호스텔

베를린, 독일 – 해바라기 호스텔

Bruges Belgium – The Bauhaus St. Christophers

부다페스트, 헝가리 – St. Maverick Hostel

코펜하겐, 덴마크 – 코펜하겐 시내

Edinburgh, U.K. – St. Christophers Inn

프랑크푸르트, 독일 – 파이브 엘리먼트 호스텔

그라나다, 스페인 – 오아시스 백 패 커

인터 라 켄, 스위스 – Balmers 호스텔

Lagos, Portugal – Rising Cock Hostel

라이프 찌 히, 독일 – 파이브 엘리먼트 호스텔

릴, 프랑스 – The People Hostel (formerly Gastama)

리스본, 포르투갈 – Oasis Backpackers Mansion

London, U.K. – St. Christophers Inn

마드리드, 스페인 – 고양이 호스텔

말라가, 스페인 – 오아시스 백 패 커

마르세유, 프랑스 – Vertigo Vieux Port

밀라노, 이탈리아 – 벨로 호스텔

뮌헨, 독일 – 유로 청소년 호텔

좋은, 프랑스 – 빌라 세인트 Exupery

파리, 프랑스 – St. Christophers Inn

Porto, Portugal -Cat‘s Hostel Porto

프라하, 체코 공화국 – 체코 인

이탈리아의 리미니 – Sunflower Beach Hostel

로테르 담, 네덜란드 – 호스텔 룸

잘츠부르크, 오스트리아 – Yoho 국제 유스 호스텔

세비야, 스페인 – 오아시스 백 패 커

Sorrento, Italy – Seven Hostel

스톡홀름, 스웨덴 – 시티 백 패 커

발렌시아, 스페인 – 보라색의 둥지 호스텔

Venice, Italy – ANDA Party & Design Hostel

바르샤바, 폴란드 – OkiDoki

Have more questions about Interrail & Eurail?

If this is your first time travelling around Europe, you likely have more questions. Do trains run regularly? What’s the difference between Interrail and Eurail? What other offers are included in my pass? What do I pack? We have all the answers for you 여기!

Where to Stay in Europe

Don’t waste time reading through countless reviews to find the best hostel. Book with 유명한 호스텔 and leave the worries at home! All hostels are well located, clean, and top rated. With fully equipped facilities, friendly staff, and free activities, you’re bound to feel home when staying with Famous Hostels. With over 25 years in the industry, you can sleep easy when staying with us.

Famous Hostels Discount for Interrail Pass Holders

It’s that easy to score a discount at Famous Hostels. We hope our guide has helped encourage and inspire you to plan your adventure. Looking for more information? Click 여기 to find tons of helpful tips and tricks. For all the latest news at Famous Hostels, follow us or subscribe on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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사용자 정의 게시 유형으로 필터링

독특한, 정통 및 지역

만약 당신이 뭔가 원하고 독특한-체크 아웃 유명한 호스텔을 찾고 있어요!

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Get 10% discount at FamousHostels.com with Interrail and Eurail Passes 2019Book Your Pass!https://www.famoushostels.com/travel-guide/backpacking/interrail-eurail-pass-europes-famous-hostels/Ask for Helphttps://www.famoushostels.com/faqs/지금 예약100% SSL safe transaction. It pays to book direct from the hostel!Please wait while we gather secure information from the hostel you have requested...Aw! This is upsetting... \A Direct booking save you money, but if not working soon, close this and start over.Check out Hostel Full DetailsFind AvailabilityClose모든Selected