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Scandinavia On A Budget

Scandinavia On A Budget

Scandinavia has a reputation for being a pricey vacation spot, but it can certainly be done on a budget. But where exactly is it? Scandinavia is a northern region of Europe, and is primarily comprised of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Known for beautiful people, designer interiors, and the great outdoors, it is certainly worth a visit. Interested in exploring but worried about a budget? Check out our guide for how to travel Scandinavia on a Budget


코펜하겐, 덴마크

The first destination on our guide to Scandinavia on a Budget is Copenhagen. The Danish capital is as good looking as the people! Full of colourful houses, a cobbled old town, and plenty of bicycles and boats, it’s a Scandinavian must-see. Whether you’re into palaces, alternative scenes, or parks, Copenhagen offers something for everyone.

What to Do in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a very accessible city, so you can be sure to save money on transportation. Although the main sites are expensive, there’s plenty of free museums and galleries! For example, check out The David Collection. There’s also lots of cool neighbourhoods to visit, such as the Free State of Christiania. The community has existed since the 70’s, and operates under its own laws. It’s certainly a unique experience!

The harbour is also worth walking around. The most popular area is the picture perfect Nyhavn (New Harbour) with brightly coloured houses. You can also visit Hans Christen Anderson’s ‘Little Mermaid’ statue, located on the water and a true emblem of Copenhagen.

If you want to act like a local, then we suggest renting a bike. Tour around the city and discover the best of the Danish capital just like the locals do! If you happen to visit in Summer, we recommend taking a dip at Harbour Baths. Scandinavia on a budget seems a bit more realistic now, right?

Copenhagen, Denmark - Scandinavia on a Budget

코펜하겐, 덴마크 – Scandinavia on a Budget

Where to Eat in Copenhagen

It’s true – Copenhagen is home to the most Michelin Star restaurants in the world, but you can still eat on a budget! For something cheap and traditional, be sure to try Denmark’s most famous open sandwich, the Smorrebrod. These small sandwiches come with a variety of toppings, and can be found all over the city. Another budget friendly tip is to head to the Copenhagen Street Food Market. Offering traditional Danish and international cuisine, you’ll find lots to satisfy your hunger here.

Where to Sleep in 코펜하겐

Our top recommendation is 코펜하겐 Downtown Hostel, located right in the centre. With live music, daily happy hour, a great atmosphere, and cool, retro design, you’ll love this hostel!

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel - Copenhagen, Denmark

코펜하겐 시내 호스텔

Malmö, Sweden

The second destination in our guide to Scandinavia on a budget is Malmo, Sweden. This little city is often overlooked by travellers, but it’s just across the bridge from Copenhagen. Full of cool things to see and do, it’s also a much cheaper destination than Copenhagen, enticing those on a budget to visit.

What to Do in Malmö

The Modern Museum in Malmö is worth a visit, and it’s free! But if you don’t want to spend your time in a museum, the city itself is full of art sculptures. Malmö City Library is also free to visit, and is great place for architecture lovers. And if you’re more of a park person, you’ll be spoiled with choice. A local favourite is Folkets Park. In the Old Town, you’ll find plenty of traditional boutiques, mostly selling Swedish handicrafts and designer goodies.

And if you happen to visit in winter, you’re in luck! Malmö’s centre is home to a skating rink and a Christmas market. A favourite thing to do for locals is to spend some time in the sauna, and jump in the sea!

Malmö, Sweden. Photo by Shvets Anna from Pexels

What to Eat in Malmö

Luckily, Malmö is much cheaper than Copenhagen for food and drink.There’s plenty of restaurants that serve traditional foods such smorrebrods, pickled foods, salmon, and Swedish meatballs. Malmo also has a large selection of Arabic restaurants and you can get some really delicious grilled meats or kebabs. But if you want to try something extra traditional, give elk a try!

스톡홀름, 스웨덴

Our final destination for Scandinavia on a budget is Stockholm. Sweden’s capital is famous for it’s colourful medieval centre, Gamla Stad, beautiful nature, and great museums, galleries, and so much more. Stockholm is a must see, and can easily be done on a budget!

What to Do in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city spread across several islands, the most famous being Gamla Stad. Spend some time wandering around the pristine old town explore the area! You can also find the most narrow street in Stockholm here – Mårten Trotzigs gränd!

Because of Stockholm’s long history, we recommend taking a Free Walking Tour to get familiar with the city. You’ll learn so much about Stockholm, and will only cost you a tip! And even though Sweden doesn’t use the Euro, most tour guides will still accept this currency. You should also check out the Riksgaden (Swedish Parliament) and sign up for a free tour. But if you’d rather relax in the sun, we recommend heading to The King’s Garden.

Stockholm, Sweden - Scandinavia on a Budget

스톡홀름, 스웨덴 – Scandinavia on a Budget

Where to Eat in 스톡홀름

This is where keeping to a budget can be tricky. Stockholm is expensive overall, but if you’re not looking for anything fancy, it can be done cheaply. For example, there’s lots of outdoor fresh food markets so you can cook you own meals. But if you want to try traditional Stockholm foods, make sure to indulge in some meatballs, hot dogs, or some pastries during Fika!

Where to Stay in Stockholm

Our top recommendation is City Backpackers Stockholmthe friendliest hostel in town! With a great bar terrace, cosy chill out area, and a sauna, you’re bound to love it. Located close to the city centre, it’s also a great place to meet other travellers.

City Backpackers Hostel - Stockholm, Sweden

City Backpackers Hostel – 스톡홀름, 스웨덴

Scandinavia On A Budget

Preparation for anything is key, and we hope our guide has helped you prepare to take on Scandinavia on a budget. From free museums, to luscious parks, and art installations, we’re sure you’ll get the full experience without spending tons!

If you need more information to help you plan your vacation in Scandinavia, click 여기 for a range of helpful tips, city guides, food guides, and more. For all the latest news at Famous Hostels, follow us or subscribe on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

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