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Las Fallas Valencia

Posted at:27 February, 2015 in Blog, City guide, Festivals, general

Las Fallas Valencia!!

Are you bored of the winter, low temperatures and snow storms? Are you thinking about sun, sightseeing and know more places around the world? Then…come and visit us in Valencia!

This beautiful city situated in the Mediterranean East Coast of Spain has all those things and much more to do for you! Come and enjoy the great sights, the delightful typical food or the 20 degrees which we have from the month of March!

Valencia has a great festivity to visit too: Las Fallas which is celebrated from the beginning of March until 19th, the day when all the monuments are burnt in every  corner of the city

This festivity honours St. José, who is a patron saint in Valencia, and has their origins in an antique tradition of the Valencia’s carpenters. It consisted in burning next to their workshops in the public places and streets, the useless junk that accumulates throughout the year and the candels which had been lit their work during the winter. This tradition has evolved into something much greater though, and now the whole city is alive with parades and fireworks, live music and plenty of party

las fallas valencia


In this period, which mostly takes place from 12th march to 19th March, you’ll find the streets full of people looking to have fun, lighting fireworks all day, lives concerts along the streets and processions of the ‘falleras’ (the women dressed with typical Fallas dresses) and much more!


las falleras valencia

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