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Malaga Spanish Film Festival

The first edition of the Malaga Spanish Film Festival was created in 1998 and it was born with a very strong vision to make it an unmissable event to promote the national cinema midst other festivals on the agenda in Spanish culture.

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Celebrating the twenty-first edition this year, the Festival has become part of the oficial calendar in Malaga that blossoms every year with the Spring season spreading fresh fragance in the air and opening the city doors for more than 150 activities everywhere at the same time that estimulates the debate on the topics of  interests among cinematography and its public. The  main topics of discussion this year are  the cinema in Brazil and its filmography and  also  the four decades of the Spanish Constituition which intends to bring a reflection about the influences in music, cinema and photography.

The Festival de Cine en Espanol is indeed unmissable for all the ones with passion for arts and it is an undeniable first cultural magnitude and it has  established itself as the main platform and event for the film industry in Spain with great public attendance and a wide coverage of national and international media every year. It reaches all audiences and promotes a wide panorama of the cinematographic culture being always attentive to training, creativity and innovation, framed within an activity that stands out for its dynamic character in continuous evolution and transformation.


Antonio Banderas receives the Honorable Gold Biznaga of the Malaga Festival 2017

MARCH 25, 2017 Antonio Banderas, actor and director from Malaga has received this recognition at the Closing Ceremony of the contest, presented by Diana Navarro.

Antonio Banderas has become the last proper name (and, at the same time, the first, given its significance) to pass through the stage of the Cervantes Theater, to receive the Honorable Gold Biznaga of the Malaga Festival. He who is Honorary President of the contest since its inception has seen his career recognized on both sides of the camera and the Atlantic, in a 20th edition marked by that dialogue in Spanish between both cinematographies, which has resulted in the other two Biznagas de Gold awarded to the best feature films of the official section.

Gold and Silver Biznaga

The Festival main prize is the Biznaga de Oro for Best Picture while awardees like Best direction and the Best short film receive Biznagas de Plata. The big favorite ones for the Biznaga de Oro in 2018 are “Formentera Lady” and “Las Distancias”, both of Spanish production. The Cuban, “Los Buenos Demonios” and the Argentine “La Reina del Miedo” .

Jose Sacristan in Formentera Lady / Comedy Drama

Las Distancias directed by Elena Trape

Valeria Bertuccelli starred and direced the Argentine favorite “La Reina del Miedo”

Sanz – “Lo que fuy es lo que soy”

The great expectation for the massive fandom of Alejandro Sanz is “What I was is what I am” a documentary film about the artistic career of Alejandro Sanz, the most commercially successful Spanish singer of all time. His fandom is going crazy with excitement for its premiere on the 19th of April at the Malaga Spanish Film Festival in Malaga.

The talented songwriter shows to his public a truly photograph of his career. The film, which also has the collaboration of Canal Sur TV, narrates the countdown of the concert preparations and rehearsals that culminates the day of the performance at the Vicente Calderón Stadium in Madrid on June 24, 2017. Here’s a sneak preview. FULL TRAILER

The Best Summer of My Life’, directed by Dani de la Orden, will be the closing film.

A comedy that tells the dream of Curro, a salesman of kitchen robots who dream of a job in the financial world. In the midst of a couple crisis and with heavy debts, he makes a promise he can not fulfill. Nico his 9-year-old son brings out all the best, he will take him to an unforgettable summer vacation. Son and his father embark on a journey that will take them to meet people and live situations they would never have imagined and that will change their lives.

We all hope to see you there!

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Malaga Spanish Film Festival
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