Marrakech Nightlife Marrakech Nightlife

Marrakech Nightlife

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Are you exploring the city of Marrakech? For sure that you will be captivated with the tourist destinations in this place. Well, there is no reason for you not to enjoy this because there is no other place in the world like Marrakech.

Marrakech Nightlife: Find the Perfect Places to Enjoy Life

After your tiring day of wandering Marrakech’s endless winding streets in the Medina, there will be some that choose to take a rest in their hostel, especially when it has a pool in the courtyard! But if you’re up for a night out, then you won’t be disappointed!  There are great places that you can go outside the hostel!           

Ten years ago, finding a place to get a stiff drink in Marrakech was difficult. With a higher number of tourists and foreigners living in the city, they’ve caught up with demand and now you’ll find plent of places to go out at night in the modern town. Marrakech is a great place not just for someone who loves being with beautiful heritage sites. It is also a great place for people who love their nightlife.


There are many great bars around the city. It is not just the ordinary type of bar. If you just want to drink for the night like beer or cocktails, there are bars that can give you the best place just to chill.  Most bars are centred around the Ville Nouvelle, the modern area of the city. There are chic bars that can give you an elegant space if you want to escape from the chaotic old town for a while.


If you are looking for a one of a kind sunset cocktail setting, then you need to head up to one of the many rooftop bars in the city.  Aside from the great cocktails and other drinks to enjoy, you can chill with your drink and watch one of Marrakech’s increidble sunsets.

You’ll find plenty of cool bars on the city’s infinite roof terraces.

Try out Kechmara on the fashionable Rue de la Liberté.

Food markets

If you want to indulge on unique local dishes, you can try exploring Djemaa El Fna. This particular place is filled with lots of things that like souvenirs and others. This market is also known for its exotic foods being offered by the food stalls. So if you really into discovering the nights in Marrakech, then you should definitely head here for a great meal out.


For nonstop party, this is the best place to hang out; and Marrakech is filled with amazing nightclubs. Dance all night to great beats and mixed music.

Try out Silver in Jad Mahal for a big nigth out or (dry) Cafe Clock for traditional music!

Marrakech is filled with unique things from their rich culture and then to what the modern time had brought to this place. Whether you are daytime adventurer or nightlife party goer, this place is full of exciting places for you.

nightlife in marrakech cafe clock

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Marrakech Nightlife
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