Naples Nightlife Naples Guide

Naples Nightlife

The city of Naples has a great tradition of relaxed bars and outside drinking, plus some incredible clubs that open up in the summer months along the Naples coastline. Squares in the Old Town of the city host thousands upon thousands of locals every night of the week sitting around, drinking a beer or an Aperol Spritz and chatting with friends. Naples is host to no less than three Univeristies, so it has a very young, bohemian vibe. Bars and Cafes often double up as places to go and share ideas and read or even host events like poetry reading and live music. Check out our top picks for Naples Nightlife.

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Naples Nightlife

The first rule: you have to start your night at 10pm. No earlier than that – trust us! Naples is a vibrant city full of life and action. The motorcycles are an essential piece in the city’s atmosphere even at night. Ready to explore and enjoy the nightlife of this amazing city like a local? Read our tips and recommendations below.

Piazza Bellini

If you’re looking for Neapolitan youth culture by night you must start your night at Piazza Bellini. With several bars on the Piazza you will find a lot of people socializing while drinking on the streets. There are open ruins in the middle of the square which, every night of the week, fills to the brim with the city’s youth.   Here tradition dictates that you grab a beer or a cocktail in a plastic glass from one of the bars around the edge of the square and find a place to hang in the middle. Not making any friends will be impossible!

Bars & Clubs


With a chic and elegant identity this is the trendiest place in Naples right now! Is known for its themed parties and obviously you can’t miss the opportunity to party in this place. Don’t miss this charismatic place!

Bourbon Street Jazz Club

If you are in the mood for live music, we have found the perfect spot in Naples for you – Bourbon Street Jazz Club! With the best jazz live music in the city, this place provides a cozy and nice atmosphere, never missing the italian style.

Enoteca Belledonne

For those of you looking for a quieter place to chill out and have a glass of wine, then this little bar in the Chiaia area of the city is perfect.  They have a huge selection of both excellent local and foreign wines and will be able to advise you on which would suit you best.  They also serve up tasty snacks in case you get a bit peckish during the evening!


This bar just off Via Tribunali in the Old Town area of the City is host to some of the city’s most interesting characters.  The place is tiny, but on weekends you’ll find the crowds spilling outside into the streets, listening to the eclectic choice of music played by the topless DJ.  Drinks are super strong and cheap at around 4 euros for a cocktail.


If you’re looking for a nice cocktail or beer with appetisers Lanificio is the place to be! Located in an old factory this place gives the alternative vibe to the city with live music, DJ’s performances, art exhibitions and other events.


If you’re lucky enough to come to Naples in the summer season, then don’t miss the number one club, Arenile.  It’s just outside the city and set on a beach.  The club is completely outdoor and the music is good especially on ‘Black Wednesdays’.  You’ll have to pay a cover fee to get in and drinks aren’t cheap thereafter so make sure you fill up before you arrive!

Moses Club

Naple’s underground scene is in Moses Club and no other place. If you enjoy staying up late look for this place while staying in the city! Located right in the oldest neighbours of Naples, Moses Club is known to offer a range variety of music from rock to EDM.

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Naples Nightlife
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