Summer sun in Naples, Ischia and Sorrento Inspire me

Summer sun in Naples, Ischia and Sorrento

A Trip to Naples and Sorrento

If you’re backpacking around Europe, Italy offers some amazing destinations that offer rich cultural heritage, stunning views and great food. Whichever city you find yourself in in Italy, beautiful beaches are never more than a stone’s throw away, which makes for a perfect mixture of city break and beach holiday.

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Naples is the second largest metropolitan area of Italy, after Milan. It is known for its fine cuisine and is the birthplace of pizza and Ragu. It is also famous for various wines and dishes. In fact, a trip to Naples is incomplete without visiting Pompeii and Vesuvius. They offer incredible archaeological sites that can give lasting memories for a lifetime. Moreover, there are a lot of enticing beach clubs along the coast where locals and tourists alike celebrate the summer over a cold cocktail.

‘Arenile’ is the closest club to the city center. Here tourists gather in crowds to catch the great sunset and live music. It is all the more interesting for backpackers because they not only enjoy marvelous views but the food and cocktails served at these beach clubs are outstanding. Lido Turistico is another beach bar, which has the most incredible view of the sea waves coming up till your tables and chairs.


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A short boat ride across the magnificent Gulf of Naples, under the watchful eye of Mount Vesuvius, is Ischia, “the most beautiful thermal island in the world”, historical home to the Greeks, Lombards, Turks, Moors, French, British and Spanish for thousands of years.

Today, Ischia – unlike the more famous neighbours, Capri and Amalfi – is known for its natural beauty, great Italian food, smooth wines and limoncello, and is the secret, less-touristy getaway of the European jet-set, or more correctly, the yacht-set. With sandy beaches, free thermal baths (actually in the Mediterranean), ancient Roman and Greek spas, and a wonderful nightlife, all on the doorstep of Europe’s coolest city, Naples, Ischia is a must-see when in Italy.

For the active, Ischia has panoramic mountain hikes and festivals, and for the less active:  bars, bbqs, spas, beaches, sun, more sun and just soooooo much sun.  It’s a real Italian holiday from your Italian holiday!

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Sorrento is located on a ledge between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. It is just one-hour South of Naples by train. The people of Sorrento are famous for their hospitality. The coastal bus trip between Sorrento and it’s neighbours Positano and Amalfi offers marvelous views that will leave you spellbound. The entire coast is very well connected with good public transportation. The Mediterranean Sea offers some really picturesque sights along with inexpensive hostels and other accommodations that are just perfect to make your backpacking experience so wonderful. Positano is another town that offers splendid views, is colorful and just at a walking distance from the fantastic nearby beaches.


Great food, amazing night clubs, wines, historical preservations and a rich cultural heritage are what you’ll look forward to when venturing Sorrento and Naples.

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Summer sun in Naples, Ischia and Sorrento
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