Nightlife in Bergen Nightlife in Bergen

Nightlife in Bergen

Whether you're in your 20's, 30's or older, there is always something to do here in Bergen. You can dedicate a night to one of your favorite restaurants, or you can have a night at the club -- or both if you want!

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Make sure to check out Bergen’s very own cafe/club, BarBarista. Yes, a cafe and a club!  Upstairs is a nice quiet cafe built for conversation and downstairs is a sweaty but loud and fun nightclub!! The best of both worlds, run upstairs to cool off and back downstairs to party!

Nightlife in Bergen is always ready to party, and eat! Speaking of eating, if you’re feeling a little bit hungry, you really should try out one of Bergen’s many fish or venison restaurants. Bergen specializes in fish, game and venison gourmet food. So if you’re having some “hunger pains” tonight, come try out one of our many gourmet restaurants!

Relax with a glass of wine

Maybe you’re in the mood to have an appetizer, a beer and relax. Nightlife in Bergen is full of bars and many TYPE of bars at that. Bergen Nightlife bars vary depending on what type of entertainment you are looking for. We have karaoke bars, live and loud music, and lots of talking and laughing! If you’re feeling a little more like winding down after a day of intense activity at a more peaceful bar, you could try out one of Bergen’s wine bars. The wine bar is a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, without all the loud noise and people. Depending on your mood, bars are a huge part of nightlife in Bergen!


Nightlife in Bergen; the Clubs

No Stress Bar in Bergen does exactly what it says on the tin; come here to relax in a cosy atmosphere and sample some of their renowned cocktails!

The most popular part of nightlife not just in Bergen but all over the world, are nightclubs and Bergen is well known for them. If you feel like dancing and partying the night away, Bergen has plenty of places for that!

Of course, there are also concerts at the weekends sometimes or you could check out the local live bands!

Nightlife in Bergen even has some combination deals, such as let’s say you can’t decide whether you want to sit back and relax with friends or just have a fun dancing party.

no stress bergen

Nightlife in Bergen doesn’t have to always consist of eating and partying however, there are other adventures you could take if you just follow up on what is located around you and how much money you have to spend for the night.You could simply take a walk in the park and stop to listen to the live music, or you could check out other venues where jazz music and classical music is being played right in front of you.

Bergen Nightlife is all about music, food and fun. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, teenager or adult, man or woman, Bergen nightlife IS for you, just take a look outside!

Marken Gjestehus is in the perfect location to get a taste of Bergen’s buzzing nightlife!


Nightlife in Bergen
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