Nightlife in Moscow Nightlife in Moscow

Nightlife in Moscow

Your perception of Moscow may be a bit tainted by relics of the Cold War and recent political events in the Crimea and the Ukraine. You need to banish any ideas that you might have about the nightlife in Moscow.

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Nightlife in Moscow is more modern and free than any city in the world. It always has been, even in the communist era.

Techno rules but you can find any genre of music to fit your dance or listening persuasion.

Every club in Moscow has been designed with a theme in mind. Most come with the expected DJ, sound system, dance room, and expert bartenders. The clubs are used to visitors from other countries, cater to this trade, and are very friendly. You will be surprised at how many languages the bartenders and the waitresses speak and understand.

The best clubs in Moscow are in and around a circle of streets that center on the Kremlin in the heart of Moscow. You get the most out of Red Square nightlife by walking from your hostel to the club of your choice.

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You will be safe and get to see all the lights and street performers on the way.

Some of the better clubs you might want to check out are Mio at Caluzhskaya Square 1 that boasts some of the best drinks made in the world, Krysha Mira on Kutuzovskiy Avenue for some of the best views of Moscow, Fabrique at Kosmodamianskaya Nab 2 for the variety of music and the number of DJ’s from all over the world, and the Soho Rooms at Savvinskaya Naberezjnaya for the number of international music performers.

Most of the clubs in the Moscow nightlife scene are relatively small (1500 to 2000 person capacity). Many of the major clubs are a local franchise of an international club group.

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Moscow has had a decade to reconstruct itself into a tourist Mecca and the results are not bad at all.

Just like anywhere else, the best clubs in Moscow have a waiting list and you either have to tip the bouncer or know someone to get in early or at all. Your best bet is to get out and meet locals that are into the night-scene if you want to make it to all the best clubs.

There are a huge number of small bars, night clubs, and dance rooms that you do not have top stand on line for in Moscow. These venues offer a more realistic taste of your everyday Muscovite and can be the best part of your trip to Moscow.

Some things you may need to be concerned about are drugs, organized crime, and the police. Drugs are readily available and of varying quality. The local police usually look the other way unless you get into a confrontation with someone important so behave yourself. Organized crime is involved in some of the major clubs in Moscow. This is usually no problem if you keep you nose out of their business.

The nightlife in Moscow can be as wild or as tame as you decide to make it. There is a club to fit any taste and preference.

Nightlife in Moscow
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