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3 dias em Nápoles

Discover the best of Naples with our 3 Day Guide. Naples is famed for its beauty on the Amalfi coast, but is also well situated for day trips! Planning a stop here on your backpacking adventure? Read on for all you’ll need to know for your 3 days in Naples!

How to spend 3 Days in Naples!

Day 1: Pompeii and Vesuvius

Doing both in one day is not for the faint hearted, but it’s possible if you follow this plan! Remember to bring a packed lunch, snacks and water with you!


Rise early and catch a bus to Vesuvius. Take the bus to Pompeii Scavi station.

From here head to the Vesuviana Mobilita Office to buy tickets for the bus that takes you to the volcano summit! And yes – it’s still active, but hasn’t erupted since 1944 so you should be safe! It’s a short walk to peek into the crater once you arrive. From this spot, you can also get one of the most magnificent views of Naples and the bay.


Take the same bus back down to the entrance of the ancient city of Pompeii. Eat your lunch before starting your tour!

It’s worth picking up the audio-guide which gives you a street by street tour of the whole site. This audio tour takes 5 hours total, but you can skip sections to suit your own schedule. If you attempt Pompeii without this guide you’ll likely end up walking in circles and miss lots of sights!

Take the Circumvesuviana train from Pompeii back to Naples. An all-day ticket is just 4,60€.


You’ll get all your energy back after a delicious dinner at Hosteria Toledo in Naples. You can read more about this place, and others, in our Best Places to Eat in Naples guide!

If you fancy a nightcap, have a drink in the lively Piazza Bellini! The bars here are relaxed but they can get busy during the summer months. Take in the atmosphere but make sure you don’t over-do it because tomorrow is another big day! 3 days in Naples isn’t easy, after all!

Day 2: Naples

Many tourists bypass Naples and head straight down to the Amalfi Coast or to the islands, but they don’t know what they’re missing! Naples is jam-packed with character, history and museums galore. Here’s how to spend your 2nd of 3 days in Naples!


The atmosphere in this city is second to none and there’s no better way to start a day in Naples than with a rich, Neapolitan coffee. Just about any bar will do the trick, however for something a bit special, try Caffè Alla Nocciola.

Once you’re all sugared-up, take a leisurely stroll through the winding streets and alleys of the Centro Storico (the old town) and take in the Piazza del Gesù,

Other sights to see:


Having worked up an appetite exploring the city’s historic centre, reward yourself with lunch! Naples is the home of pizza. Head to Via Tribunali and scout out either Gino Sorbillo or Di Matteo – two of the city’s most famous and cheapest pizzerias.

After lunch, head down the main shopping street – Via Toledo, until you reach the magnificent Piazza Plebiscito which houses the Royal Palace. Just next door to this is the famous San Carlo theatre. From here wander through the Galleria Umberto until you’re back on Via Toledo facing the funicular train stop – Piazza Augusteo. This is where the your next adventure comes in!

Take the train to the last stop – Piazza Fuga and follow signs to Castel Sant’Elmo. From here you have the most fantastic view of Naples and its surroundings. You can even see the ominous Mount Vesuvius and the beautiful coastline. A few moments here with a cold drink from the bar should hit the spot and if you have a chance, continue on to the Certosa di San Martino – a Carthusian monastery that’s worth a visit.#


Grab dinner at one of the many incredible restaurants in Naples. Check out our guide on Best Places to Eat in Naples to help you find the perfect spot!

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Day 3: The Islands of Capri & Ischia

Capri is a must see, and Naples is perfect to visit it from. Staying on Capri is typically an option reserved for the rich, but you can take a ferry over from the mainland for a day trip! The island of Capri is certainly luxurious but luxury never comes cheap.

For an equally beautiful but cheaper option, try the island of Ischia – Capri’s bigger cousin is cheaper with better beaches.

That said visiting Capri is well worth it. Capri Town – the largest town on the island – is a maze of tiny cobbled streets, exclusive boutiques, and beautiful views of the island’s shoreline. For a change of scenery hop on the miniature bus to the island’s other town and long-term rival, Anacapri. Here you can take a short chairlift to the island’s highest point and enjoy some picture postcard views.

If you fancy a swim there are options on Capri. A tourist favourite on the Capri coastline is the Grotta Azzura ( Blue Grotto). Boat trips can be taken from Marina Grande. The grotto was reportedly used as a swimming pool by Emperor Tiberius and, depending on your guide and the weather conditions, you can quite literally bathe in this cave’s history! What a way to end your 3 days in Naples!

And that’s how you spend 3 days in Naples! We hope you’ve enjoyed our suggestions and enjoy your time in the pizza famous city! For the best accommodation in Naples, check out the FAMOUS Hostel of the Sun!

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