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5 mais lugares assombrados para visitar na Europa

Looking for the most haunted places to visit in Europe? Here there are 5 you can’t miss.

Are you looking for a spooky destination for Halloween? Check out our 5 most haunted places to visit in Europe and put some shivers down your spine!

With all the ghosts and ghouls around Europe it’s a tough choice to think of the 5 most ghastly. As tempting as it was to think of Konrad Dipple von Frankenstein in Darmstadt castle in Germany, robbing graves, drinking virgin’s blood and working late at night as an alchemist… we decided that these were even worse…

5 mais lugares assombrados para visitar na Europa

Moosham Castle Salzburg


Haunted place in Salzburgo – The hills are alive…with the sounds of werewolves

It’s not all The Sound of Music and singing in the hills – Salzburg has some skeletons in the closet and apparently witches in the castle. Moosham Castle is just outside the Austrian city and is one of the most haunted places in Europe. Dating back to 1191 (!!) it became known as the ‘Witches Castle’ over the centuries as it was known as a place of persecution during the Salzburg Witch Trials. Not only does it have a bloody history for the 100s dismembered and burned here (apparently appearing as a white mist), the castle is also claimed to have werewolves. Apparently local villagers were accused of being the creatures ripping animals apart in the night and executed in the dungeons here. Don’t go visiting on a full moon!

If you’re going to Salzburg then have a spine tingling time with our Famous Hostel Yoho internacional Youth Hostel – they’ve been around so long they probably have some ghostly stories for you too…


5 mais lugares assombrados para visitar na Europa

The Tower of London


Haunted places in Londres – The most haunted capital city in the world

With the Demon Barber Sweeney Todd still haunting people in Fleet Street and plenty of colourful characters from Victorian times appearing in Theatres and Pubs across London, it’s quite busy with ghostly sightings. Along with sinister tales of Jack the Ripper and grave robbing bandits, there are plenty of ghastly tales dating back to Roman times. One of the most haunted places is of course the Tower of London.

Sleep well in St Christopher’s Inn at The Village, itself on a historic Roman road in one of the oldest parts of the city – hopefully without hearing any bumps in then night!


5 mais lugares assombrados para visitar na Europa

Barcelona’s Gothic Cathedral

Haunted places in Barcelona – Vampires in the Gothic Streets

In 1909 when Barcelona was rife with social destitution, prostitutes and thieves (unlike now..) there was an unpleasant local brothel owner named Edriqueta Marti. She was arrested during the Tragic Week of 1909 for running a brothel with children but escaped due to connections with high society. However, what was later discovered was she was making remedies from the blood, bones and fat of murdered children…

She was caught with some missing girls in her flat in 1912 and confessed to having spend 20 years kidnapping and killing children to make them into medicines for wealthy clients. Having boiled them all and put them into jars, they only identified 12, but there were over 40 children suspected. Her blood thirst for them earned her the name, the Vampire of Raval. The missing of the neighbourhood were never found.

Stay at Kabul for a fright night in Barcelona – they’re located centrally in the best square in the city – away from the vampire’s haunts of Raval!


5 mais lugares assombrados para visitar na Europa

The Catacombs in Paris

Haunted places in Paris – the dark side to the ‘City of Light’

Don’t venture into the Catacombs alone….! With a reputation for cemeteries and bone filled catacombs, the ‘City of Light’ actually hides some dark secrets beneath the cobbled streets. Not only did the streets run red with executions during the French Revolution, there are more than 6 million Parisians buried in the ossuary in more than 3,00 km of catacombs beneath the street. One of those who purportedly roams the dark, blowing out candles, is the ghostly Saint of the Cataphiles – so known after he wondered down here to steal from the convent cellar in 1793 and his bones were found 11 years later… Don’t go down to the cellar alone saying ‘I’ll be right back!!!’

If you’re visiting the beautiful city then check in to our canal side Paris Hostel – St Christopher’s Inn.


5 mais lugares assombrados para visitar na Europa

Spooky Edinburgh

Haunted places in Edimburgo – Creepy Castle and Vaults

The famous dark castle on the hill has plenty of dark secrets behind the walls… Mysterious orbs, musicians drumming and paranormal experiences taking place – all in the 2,000 year old historic building. There have been so many tales of bloody murders and ghostly going ons that the castle has been investigated often for paranormal activity – with many scientific claims to confirm it! There’s also reportedly hauntings from the bodies from grave robbers stashed in The Vaults beneath the city.. visit them after dark if you dare.

If you’re visiting the historic streets of Edinburgh then book your bed at the centrally located St Christopher’s Inn Edinburgh. No nightmares here!

Esperamos que tenham apreciado nosso 5 Most Haunted Places to Visit in Europe!

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