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Belgrade Food Guide

Belgrade Food Guide

The Serbian capital is home to lots of hearty and delicious meals, and we’ll help you find the best with our Belgrade Food Guide.

Belgrade is an exciting and interesting city any time of year, and offers a great variety of gastronomy influenced by its Balkan neighbours. Traditionally, the Serbian kitchen is rather meat heavy, but modern, and veggie friendly versions are becoming more common. So rest assured knowing your diet won’t be forgotten here! Wondering what to try or where to grab a bite? Check out our Belgrade Food Guide for all the best tips!

Belgrade Food Guide

Belgrade Food Guide

Traditional Foods

Belgrade is a rather cheap city in comparison to other European destinations, so your money goes a long way when it comes to meal time. And if you happen to get an invitation to have dinner with a Serbian family, take it! Serbians take their foods very seriously, and enjoy entertaining guests with delicious, home-cooked meals. The Serbian kitchen will open you to a whole new spectrum of tastes and flavours.


First up on our Belgrade food guide is Sarma, which is probably the most popular dish in the Serbian kitchen. Sarma is essentially just minced meat and rice, wrapped in pickled cabbage. Other variations swap the meat out for minced fish meat, and the cabbage for vine leaves.


If you don’t eat meat, you can skip this one. Ćevapi is popular across many Balkan countries, and is a delicious, yet simple meal. It’s basically grilled minced meat, and served with onions and warm bread. Make sure to take a mint or brush your teeth afterwards as you might offend people with your breath.


As with Ćevapi, you’ll find burek all across Balkan and former Ottoman countries. Wrapped in phyllo pastry, you can order it with minced meat, or with cheese. Both are delicious, and are common after a night out of drinking!

Belgrade Food Guide

Belgrade Food Guide


This is the ancestor of the hamburger! Pljeskavica is an extremely popular and tasty dish, and we encourage you to try this Serbian gem.


The winters in Serbia are cold, so many dishes are made with this in mind, and podvarak is one of them! It consists of roast meat in sauerkraut, garlic, and onions. You can order it without the meat, but it might not be filling enough.


You might know this dish from the Greek kitchen, but Serbian musaka is slightly different! Traditionally, musaka consists of minced pork or beef mixed with eggs and potatoes. However, vegetarian versions exist, which include eggplant and feta cheese. You’ll love this baked dish!


This is a staple in Serbian homes, and is a great option for a quick bite between meals, or a late night snack. Gibanica is a cheese pie, and an absolute must-try while in Belgrade!


Proja is Serbian corn bread, and serves as a starter to nearly any meal. While it’s certainly tasty, try not to fill up on it before your main course arrives!

Punjena Paprika

In Serbian, ‘punjena paprika’ literally translates to, ‘stuffed paprika’, and it couldn’t be more aptly named! Paprika (or peppers) are stuffed with minced meat and rice, cooked in a pot, and then served. It’s a great meal on a cold night!

Belgrade Food Guide

Belgrade Food Guide

Traditional Drinks

Like most European countries, coffee is a huge part of the food culture in Serbia. You’ll find tons of cafes and open air terraces around the city to sit and enjoy a cup of java. Serbian coffee can be a bit strong, so be wary when ordering!

As for alcohol, it’s also another huge part of the food culture here. Beers and wines are common, but the true Serbian alcohol experience lies in their famous brandies. And just like the coffee, it’s also quite strong so proceed with caution!


Šljivovica is a plum brandy, and a must try while in Belgrade. If you happen to dine with a Serbian family at home, you’ll definitely be offered some. It’s usually homemade, and every family has their own recipe for taste and potency.

Belgrade Food Guide

Belgrade Food Guide

Lozova Rakija

Lozova Rakija is a grape brandy, and is another popular feature in Serbia. If you pass on the Šljivovica, you have to at least try this one!

Beer (pivo)

Serbian beer is rarely found outside the country, but that has nothing to do with its quality. Beer in Serbia is considerably cheap, but the quality certainly exceeds expectations. The majority of beers in Serbia are lagers, but you can sometimes find dark beers at local breweries. The most popular brands are Jelen and Lav, and are a must try for any tourist in Belgrade.

Where to Stay in Belgrade

For the best accommodation in Belgrade, book ArkaBarka Floating Hostel. This ultra cool hostel floats on the Danube, and has a bar you won’t want to miss. They also host a range of activities, including yoga. So bring your mat if you plan on staying here!

Belgrade food guide

Arkabarka Floating Hostel

Belgrade Food Guide

We’re certain that no matter your taste, you’ll fall in love with the food in Serbia. We hope you’ve found some useful tips to help you enjoy the best with our Belgrade Food Guide. If you need more information to help you plan your vacation, click aqui for a range of helpful tips, city guides, food guides, and more. For all the latest news at Famous Hostels, follow us or subscribe on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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