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Usamos o mais alto padrão de segurança disponível na Internet e garante que qualquer informação que você enviar, incluindo detalhes do seu cartão de crédito, permanecerá completamente confidencial.

Cada Hostel mantém as normas da associação, formando uma marca confiável para quem ficar com a gente. Os clientes sabem que encontrarão os mesmos níveis de qualidade em toda a rede. Cada cidade tem apenas um albergue famoso e ficar em um albergue famoso garante que você terá uma ótima estadia no valor imbatível.

Você precisa entrar em contato com o albergue diretamente usando o formulário de reserva de grupo.


Equívocos comuns sobre pousadas

Did you ever stay in a hostel? Then you probably know what we’re talking about when we say that way too many travellers still think hostels are just places for a broke backpackers to stay. Well, to beat this idea of once and for all, we will share the common misconceptions about hostels:


Actually, one of the best things about hostels is the many room options you have! From stunning hotel-style single and double rooms to modern and cosy dorms to share with other travellers. It’s totally up to you how many people you want to share your room with or if you prefer to get a place to yourself. Also, most hostels offer the option to stay in a female-only dorm (in case you don’t want any guys to be around during your beauty sleep). At Famous Hostels all our hostels have something special, even the dorms. Take for instance St Christopher’s Village London, which is the first hostel in the UK to offer the tiny capsule bedrooms. Oh, and the thing about strangers, sharing a room with others is actually an amazing way to meet new people.


People often tend to think that hostels are only a good option when you’re young and travelling solo. However, hostels are a place for everyone, whether you’re in Europe on your first ever trip or an experienced traveller that has seen most of the world already. That’s actually what makes hostels such a nice place, you get to know a lot of different kinds of people who all have an interesting story to tell.


Once you realize hostels are a very social place to stay couples may think it’s not for them. But let’s be honest, sometimes it’s nice to have a chat with someone else than your partner, to meet fellow travellers at the bar and get insider tips on places you should visit. Staying in a hostel as a couple actually gives you the perfect combination between privacy in your own room and meeting people at one of the many facilities the hostels offer.

Many hostels offer bars where you can have a few drinks or even dance the night away and of course there will be some music played. However, if you want to have a good night sleep you can. Most rooms will be away from the restaurant/bar and you won’t even notice that anything is going on. Balmer’s Hostel in Interlaken for instance has a really good club underneath the hostel and you won’t even notice it’s there! Either way, If you really need to sleep, simply mention to the reception and they will always find you a solution!


We’re not going to deny that you can save a lot of money staying in a hostel instead of a hotel or expensive resort, though we do believe there are so many more better reasons to stay in a hostel! Our Famous Hostels offer many amazing facilities that not only allow you to save some cash, but will also allow you to meet other people and get a taste of the local specialities. An example can be found in our amazing Ostello Bello Milão hostel which offers a free dinner every night where you get to try a typical Italian Aperitivo between 7pm and 9pm. So yeah, saving money is just one of the extra benefits!


Maybe you’ve heard some horror stories of very dirty hostels and we all know they’re around. However, you will find dirty places at any type of accommodation, whether you book a hostel or even a nice resort. Therefore we recommend you to always check the online reviews and book a hostel that’s part of a chain. Chains such as Famosas pousadas da Europa only work together with hostels that offer great value, authentic and local activities, have a central location and are very clean.


Most hostels have 24/7 security and cannot be entered without a key or passing the reception desk, so nothing to worry about! Another good thing to know is that at every hostel you will get your own locker to make sure your valuables are safe (you do often have to bring your own lock, so make sure to pack this). If you have something very valuable or forgot your lock, ask the reception if they can take care of it for you!


This is for sure the biggest misconception about hostels. Years ago (in the time our grandparents were young) hostels were simply a cheap option where you would only pay for a bed. Today, a lot has changed and hostels can be found at the best locations with excellent facilities. Most hostels have their own kitchen, bar, restaurant, tours, common areas, tv rooms, computers for you to use and so much more! Oasis Backpackers in Seville for instance even has an amazing rooftop terrace with swimming pool where you can soak up the Spanish sun. Oh, and at the Villa Saint Exupery Hostel in Nice you can get in shape in their free gym and sauna. Curious what other hostels offer? Check it aqui!

Want to know more about hostels? Read our Hostel’s Ultimate Guide!

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