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Vida nocturna em Lille

Location: Lille Necessário: Clima de festa

Melhor pousada da cidade!Gastama is a brand new hostel in an ancient building set in the very centre of Lille. Plus they have an in-house bar!

Infos básicas

With a vast array of Pubs, Music Venues, and Night Clubs, Lille offers tourists a chance to let loose and enjoy the unique blending of Flemish and French culture. If you are traveling using the Eurostar railway, this is a stop you won’t want to miss! A breathtaking city at night, Lille lights up the dark sky with multiple pubs, micro-breweries, and clubs located withing walking distance from one another, and covering multiple streets. With a large college located nearby, Lille has the perfect population to create an awesome nightlife!

Blending both Flemish and French culture, this city is a great place to have a fun night out on the town! Known as the European culture capital, there are countless ways to enjoy the unique qualities of this vivacious city. Whether you prefer to enjoy a beer at a local pub, listen to live music, or enjoy the nightclub atmosphere, Lille has the nightlife atmosphere you are looking for.


Lille France is known as the center of French beer country. Located near the border of Belgium, this city embraces many of the traditional beer crafting techniques used by the Belgians for hundreds of years!

With many pubs that practice small scale brewing, you are sure to find unique and delicious beers throughout this hub town. The pricing of these locally brewed beers tends to be much lower than in the neighboring city of Paris. Many of these micro-breweries are situated on nearby, neighboring streets.

This allows visitors the opportunity to wander the streets tasting many delicious brews all in one night. You are invited to enjoy a local brew from an outdoor table while observing the local people passing by!

Nightlife in Lille: Live Music Venues

Lille France is full of local music talent! With the populated University of Lille Nord de France situated nearby, this college and railway hub town attracts some of the most popular talent around. The Aéronef offers tourists the opportunity to see local music talent as well as popular Indie bands. Le Biplan offers visitors the chance to hear jazz and fold music as well as stand up comedy shows. There are several music festivals and venues that perform in this town yearly. Many of these festivals highlight jazz and folk music.

Night Clubs in Lille

Lille offers college students and tourists alike a great opportunity to experience a great night club experience. If you are feeling energetic and ready to have a good time, this city is the place to be. You can drink and dance the night away at some of the best night clubs in the country. Friday and Saturday nights are when most of the partying happens! Don’t expect much if you are having a mid-week stay. Popular nightclubs in the area include Duke’s Club, Le 30, Le B Floor, and Le Private. With unique atmospheres and top rated parties, all of the night clubs in Lille offer unique, unforgettable experiences!

Gastama Hostel Bar

Gastama Hostel in Lille opened in 2012 and is set in an ancient building in the centre of Lille. Its design means you get the best of classical French architecture with the luxury of modern facilities of a brand new Hostel.

Sua bar está aberto para os locais, bem como para os hóspedes do Hostel, então você pode misturar-se com as pessoas da área enquanto saboreia uma das cervejas 12 locais têm na torneira ou mesmo algum famoso vinho francês. Você pode até mesmo tirar suas bebidas para o albergue terraços tão absorva um pouco de sol o francês.


Onde nós estaremos...

Gastama is a bustling and vibrant meeting place situated in the heart of the old Lille. Our original hostel/bar concept ensures a mix of local and international clients, which makes for a real melting pot with an open and friendly atmosphere.

Para mochileiros genuínos.

Vira-lata do normal & ficar famoso em toda parte você está.

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