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dicas de comida de rua em Budapeste

Location: Budapest

Melhor pousada da cidade!Would you like to feel the pulse of Budapest while enjoying a relaxing and clean environment with a friendly atmosphere? Located in the heart of the city in a renovated royal mansion built by the Hapsburg dynasty, the Maverick Hostel is open to guests in its original magnificence.

Infos básicas

The fast food seen in Budapest are dominated by Kebab stores and Chinese bufes, but dont worry you can find some other stuff too:

Karaván udvar

Karaván udvar(garden) in Kazinczy street is one of the main stops for street food lovers. They have many different stands there from Zing hamburgers, through vegan sandwiches to langos, which is a Hungarian salty deep fried dough and the most favorite version has sour cream and cheese on the top and some garlic below. Also in Kazinczy street you can find Bors bistro, the number 1 ranked food place in Budapest. They serve different type of soups, sandwiches and pastas. Actually soups are pretty popular among Hungarians in general. We are a soup eating nation.

Belvárosi Disznótors

If you look for really local flavours then you should go to a hentes, means butcher store in Hungarian, as there you can buy sausages, schnitzels and lots of different meat plates. Nowdays some of them sell salads and vegetarian options too. One of them is Belvárosi Disznótors in Kecskeméti street. Hungarians also eat főzelék regularly. This sauce dish is made from vegetable, usually each vegetable type can become a főzelék, bit like a vegetable stew. Heavy weights eat it with some sort of meat topping. You can find them for example in Főzelékfaló on Ferenciek tere or in market halls too, like the Great Market Hall.

Pastries & Bakery

When we have very little time then we also like to grab pastries and bakery products such as pogácsa(salty round cake with cheese or bacon or cottage cheese or potato), sajtos stangli(snack with cheese topping), kakaós csiga(chocolate roll), túrós táska(sweet cottage cheese pastry), all type of strudels also with pop seeds. Actually pop seeds are very common in our confectionery. It is a perfect ingredient in sweet cakes and strudels. If i convinced you regarding pop seeds then try flódni which is a jewish dessert made from wallnuts, apple, jam and pop seeds. It is delicious.

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Canteens are also popular for lunch on weekdays. We call them kifőzde and many of them placed in the ground floor of office buildings. Usually they serve soups, salads, stews, other traditional plates, schnitzels and different type of főzelék too. They are cheap and fast.

Halkakas Fish bistro

If you fancy some fish then visit Halkakas Fish bistro in Nagydiófa street. It is not exactly fast food, but they have some plates which are prepared fairly quickly and they have good quality Hungarian fish mainly cat fish, carp or pike. Actually Nemo bistro or Stég bistro als run with a similar profile.

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If you want to know more about Budapest, read our Budapest Ultimate Guide with local tips and events! Feel the pulse of Budapest in a calm and clean environment with a relaxing atmosphere at Maverick Hostel & Ensuites, Budapest. The Maverick Hostel in Budapest is located in the heart of the city, in a royal mansion built by the Habsburg dynasty.

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