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The ten best terrace bars in Europe

Whether it be museums, parks, historical buildings, monuments, charming corners. Europe is full of countries with many secrets and places to discover. But the thing is, when we travel, we do not have enough days to go to all the places that we would like to go. Nevertheless, between walks there is nothing more relaxing than to sit down and enjoy some of the best terrace bars in Europe. Have you been to any of these?

Making a getaway to a European destination is not only for visiting monuments, getting to know its neighborhoods and natural environment, or tasting the local gastronomy, but it is also for getting to know the leisure and entertainment that each country in Europe has prepared for us. It is clear that every trip is different and that what counts the most is your personal experience and who you travel with; where every bar or coffee, however small and seemingly not special, can become the best place in the world that you have had coffee or enjoyed a cold beer. How can you possibly miss out on some of the best terrace bars in Europe!

If you travel to some of these destinations, it is mandatory that you unfold the map and also look for some of these terrace bars where you can either listen to good music, relax from the bustles of your trip, have a drink with your travel companion, or meet new people because why not? In the most unsuspected places, you can meet the most special person that will stay in your life forever, even if it is just as a friend. Take note of the ten best terrace bars in Europe. And then visit them!

The Terrace at the Hotel Montmartre (Paris, France)

Located at 12 Rue Joseph de Maistre and perched on the seventh floor of a luxurious building, we find one of the terrace bars with the best view of Paris. You’ll be so taken away with the sights of the City of Love and the Eiffel Tower that you will immediatelyfall in love. If you want to know more about Paris, you can read all our local tips and insights at our Paris Guide.

El Jardín de Salvador Ballester (Madrid, Spain)

Who said it was impossible to find a quiet and peaceful terrace bar in the always chaotic city of Madrid? Located incredibly close to the Puerta del Sol, in the heart of the Spanish capital, this terrace is a complete garden full of beautiful flowers where you can enjoy an authentic oasis. Additionally, every day from 11 am to 1 pm it offers a very tasty brunch that you should also try. If you you want to stay out of touristy places you have to check our Madrid Guide.

Watergate (Berlin, Alemanha)

Who is not capable of falling in love with the Berlin lifestyle? Berlin has something to offer everyone and more if you discover places as enchanting as this one. It is one of the most recommended terrace bars in all of Europe where you can put the brakes on your journey through the German capital. It is located at Falckensteinstrasse 49, Kreuzberg and has an outstanding atmosphere on Wednesday nights. It is a site recommended for hipsters from all over Europe and is recognized for its techno-house music. If you want to know more about Berlin, you can read all our local tips and insights at our Guia de Berlim.

BAR Social Eating Vulkan (Oslo, Norway)

Located at 9 of the street from which it takes its name, Vulkan Street, Oslo offers one of its most fashionable places; a spacious and charming terrace bar both inside and out. Taking in all the typical Norwegian design around you, strolling through Oslo, and dropping by this bar are some of the best ways to enjoy this city.

Aroma (Roma, Italy)

Have a drink and even dinner at this splendid terrace in Rome. You can find it at 16 Via Claudio Monteverdi. You will have an impressive view of the Colosseum and the surrounding forums. It has a sophisticated atmosphere in this historic city and is known for its excellence. If you you want to stay out of touristy places you have to check our Rome Guide.

The Church (Dublin, Ireland)

Catholic Ireland revamps old churches that, believe it or not, can also be comfortable and beautiful terrace bars. This establishment has traded parishioners for pint junkies and catholic mass for hamburgers and lunch menus. It is located at the intersection of Mary Street and Jervis Street in the Irish capital. Super original!

Silk Club (Lisbon, Portugal)

The mystical Lisbon is one of the best places to visit in Europe all year round. You will always discover new places like this terrace bar at Misericórdia 14, right on the roof of the Espaço Chiado building. At night, it is illuminated giving way to the magnetism and charm of this eternal city. If you you want to try the mouth-watering portuguese food, please find our local tips on our Guia de LisboaWhat to eatsection.

Restaurante Grosseto Marina (Prague, Czech Republic)

Imagine having a drink surrounded by good company in front of the beauty and tranquility of the Moldova River. It’s really nothing more than an inexpensive pizzeria with breathtaking views of the Mala Strana district, the castle of Prague, and the Charles Bridge. Its exact address is: Alshovo nabrezhi 8, Prague 110 00, for you to look up in your GPS. If you want to know more about Prague, you can read all our local tips and insights on what to see, eat and escaping the crowds on our Guia de Praga.

The Culpeper (London, United Kingdom)

Are you looking for a terrace bar in Europe that will conquer you? Located at 40 Commercial Street, E1 6LP and far from the noisy and stressful (although charming) streets of the city, you have an oasis turned into a garden where aromatic herbs and vegetables are grown. It is named after Nicholas Culpeper, a famous 17th century botanist. Oh and if you wish, you can try the barbecue it offers. If you you want to stay out of touristy places you have to check our Alternative London Guide!

Waterkant (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

At Marnixstraat 246, you will find another one of the most impressive terrace bars in Europe. It has a huge terrace right next to the waters of the canal. It is a bohemian and very cozy terrace where you can also have a bite or two. The building where it is located is incredible and an example of the typical Dutchmodernity. If you want to know more about Amsterdam, you can read all our local tips and insights at our Guia de Amsterdam.

If you’re a foodie and interested in knowing the true local gastronomy in Europe read our Ultimate Guide of Paradises for Foodies & The best European cities for pastries and sweets!

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