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The best European Autumn and Winter festivals

Europe is super cold and even snows during the autumn and winter seasons. It is the continent that never sleeps, at least according to the countless festivals that we can find on this part of the planet. Europe hosts some of the most attractive dates to travel from country to country during the coldest months of the year, and these are just some examples.

Bime Live – Bilbao (Spain)

It is one of the most frequented and popular Autumn music festivals in Spain. It is held in the industrial city of Bilbao, specifically at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in Barakaldo. Bilbao is not only famous for its good cuisine, but also for its enormous musical options like this festival. Bime Live is the first European fair dedicated to the techno music industry, and it also brings together leading figures of the contemporary recording industry as well as young, promising figures. More than 20,000 people pass through this festival every year.

Date: 26 and 27 October

Web: www.bime.net

Festival of Light – Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Discover the magical side of the beautiful Dutch capital with its Festival of Light. For several months, the romantic canals of the city are illuminated by the best Dutch and international light artists. We recommend following a route through these canals and enjoying the colourful projections on the historic architecture of the city, as well as dynamic lighting installations in urban parks and works of art on the canals.

Date: from 29 November to 20 January

Web: www.amsterdam.net/es/festival-luz/

Web: www.amsterdam.net/es/festival-luz/

International Film Festival– Berlin (Germany)

Popularly known as La Berlinale, it is also one of the most important film festivals in the world. It has been celebrated since 1951 and the figure on the trophy represents a Bear—the most valuable one is forged in gold. During the month of February, Berlin becomes an immense set where some of the most reputable films of the year and personalities of the industry gather, completely filling a city that lives for the seventh art.

Web: www.berlinale.de

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – London (United Kingdom)

 Few European cities live a Christmas as grand as London’s. The Winter Wonderland is the most endearing festival for the Christmas holidays in the capital of the United Kingdom. With free entry, it is a huge amusement park that delights all audiences. It also includes ice skating, circus activities, and ice statues, in a city with temperatures that sometimes fall below zero.

Date: From mid-November to the beginning of January.

Web: www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com

Inverfest – Madrid (Spain)

The great winter event in the capital of Spain is undoubtedly Inverfest. Although there have only been 5 editions, it has already been established as one of the best cultural and musical proposals of the year. It gathers more than 40 concerts and innumerable artistic proposals for all tastes where countless musical styles can be found.

Date: From 10 January to 7 February

Web: www.inverfest.com

Drum and Bass Festival – Prague (Czech Republic)

Let it Roll, its official name, is a festival of alternative music and a rare species within the proposals that we can find in the Old Continent. This festival brings together the best drum and bass players in the world. In fact, there is no other festival like this one in the world, and it already gathers more than 25,000 people each year.

Date: 22 and 23 February

Web: www. letitroll.eu

Festival of Indoor Lights – Stockholm (Sweden)

At the end of November, the Stockholm stadium, the Tele2 Arena, located near Globen, becomes the largest disco in Scandinavia thanks to the indoor LIGHTS festival. More than 15,000 people dance to the rhythm of EDM in an essential festival for lovers of the purest electronic music.

Date: 11 February

Web: www.www.novemberlights.com

Ice Sculpture Festival– Bruges (Belgium)

The Ice Fantasy, or Festival of Ice and Snow, takes place in Bruges’s station square. In it, everything is built from masses of ice and snow along with incredible lighting, all carried out by a team of 40 international sculptors who make use of 300 tons of crystalline ice and 400,000 kilos of fresh snow in an air-conditioned room especially for the occasion.

Date: 26 November until 6 January

Web: www.visitbruges.be/en



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