The Best Kept Secrets of Alternative Granada Granada Guide

The Best Kept Secrets of Alternative Granada

You finally decided to pick Granada as one of your backpacking destinations this year. You know The Alhambra is the unmissable monument to visit. You also heard you get free tapas with your beer. Someone told you Granada´s nightlife is amazing. Your family friend said the Albayzín is the most beautiful neighbourhood in the world.

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You know, you heard, you were told… Leave the already “known” pieces of advice on a side and come and discover the true alternative city by visiting what we consider to be the best kept secrets of Granada.

Get a taste on the Local Craft Beers

Be genuine, taste the real flavours of Granada by trying the different ales that are crafted in the city. You can start by trying Sacromonte, an English style pale ale, fully flavoured, consistent and thick. Then, continue with Puchero Cervega, the most delicious and fruity ale inspired by the recipes found in ancient abbeys in Sierra Nevada. Finish your beer tasting with Menos Lobos, made by nomads for nomads, this beer is the perfect match for a true backpacker!

Head to Realejo, the old jewish neighbourhood, and look for Colagallo, a bar specialised in craft local beers. Go inside and enjoy the experience as a local!

Devour homemade traditional sweet treats

Sweets!Sweets!Sweets! You will see pastry shops in every corner of the city but you owe yourself to try the best, the sweets made with love, soul and heart.

We are talking about the enclosed religious order of nuns who live in the monastery Convento de Santa Isabel la Real. They have perfectionated the classic and traditional cakes and sweets recipes and are open all year round! When we say open, we mean, you can buy from them through a hidden rotating door on the side of the Monastery where you have to knock and wait for the answer. It is definitely a taste and life experience! Just 5 minutes away from el Mirador de San Nicolas Viewpoint, this is the perfect stop after lunch time.

Discover the Cármenes

A Carmen is a type of edification typical from the city. The Cármenes are houses built in the middle of big gardens, surrounded by nature and animals, with water fountains, places to sit and enjoy the nature. These homes are built to emulate the image of paradise.

As soon as you walk into a Carmen, you feel inspired, happy and full of new energy. We recommend you to visit Carmen de los Mártires, just behind the Alhambra. Today this Carmen has become a monument of the city and can be visited all year round. This impressive home has different types of gardens at different altitudes. See tropical gardens, mediterranean gardens, arabic gardens, etc. You will fall in love with the fountains and monuments inside the house, as well as the animals you will be able to see during your visit (peacocks, ducks, cats, etc.)

Dine in a real Cave

Sacromonte neighbourhood is definitely different from any other place in the world! Hundreds of years ago gypsies arrived in Granada and occupied the mountain area by living in its natural caves. Nowadays, Sacromonte is a modern neighbourhood with an ancient way of living. In Sacromonte, you can find people from all over the world who are hypnotized by the beauty of the mountains and enchanted by the direct views to the Alhambra.

In the  far far mountains of the Sacromonte there is a hidden cave that is home to a mysterious guy who decided to live off the track 15 years ago. This person organizes private home diners for those who want to live for one night the life of a cave owner. His cave is one of the most impressive ones of the city and has been fully renovated and decorated just by himself! This place is so secret, you can only access it when you know someone who knows the owner… an you are very lucky if you decide to stay at Oasis Backpackers Granada because we have a direct line with him!

Picnic like a local

We are proud to say that we have 300 days of sun in Andalucía. What better way to spend them than eating and drinking outdoors! Eatwithme offers multiple options to experience social dining in Granada but our pick, with no doubts, is The Andalusian picnic in the countryside organized by Bea. She offers picnic menus with delicious homemade organic food, beer, wine and sangría in the most beautiful scenery of Granada. Always set in the open air, either in a beautiful home, a natural park or the top of a mountain. It is a surprise every time!

The best part? Bea is and will always be a nomad and backpackers born in Granada so she will share impressive legends and stories with you.

If you want to know more about Granada, read our Granada Ultimate Guide with local tips and events! Feel the pulse of Granada at Oasis Backpackers Hostel located in the heart of the city.









The Best Kept Secrets of Alternative Granada
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