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The FALLAS: Difficult to describe and impossible to forget!




Every year from the beginning of March untill the 19th, about 800 monuments made of wood and other materials, fill all Valencia and convert the city in a temporary street open-air museum. Usually these monuments have a satirical, political, comical or topical theme. So you could find a Trump, a Lady Gaga or Homer from the Simpsons. We suggest you to download the fallas application for your mobile phone, it will be easier to find them. Then take your camera or your phone and start to explore the city to find these amazing and unique monuments! And if you get hungry during the tour, don’t worry you will find mobile food kiosks all around the city. 


The Fallas is a traditional commemoration in honour of Saint Joseph.The term “fallas” is from latin “fax”= torch and it refers to both: the monuments and the celebration. Las Fallas lasts approximately all the month of March even if the key days are from March 15th to 19th. it celebrates the arrival of spring from the latin custom of lighting fires to welcome this season.

For the unique nature of this celebration, the Fallas was added to UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity list, on 30th November 2016.


We recommend you to try buñuelos (pumpkin fried fritters with sugar on the top) of course with a hot chocolate for dipping: it’s delicious! 

But this is not all: in the Ruzafa neighbourhood, more exactly in the streets of Calle Sueca and Calle Puerto Rico you will find an elaborate light show coordinated with music at about 20:00 pm. 

And if it’s not enough for you, in the main areas of Valencia, there are street parties all night long! 




-la Despertà: (if you’ll survive to the night parties) at 8:00 am every day there is the “wake up call” in the streets: bands are playing music while falleros and falleras are throwing large firecrackers.


-la Mascletà: it consists in an explosive barrage of coordinated firecrackers and fireworks displays. The main one is the municipal Mascletà in Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Every day it is organized by a different team of pyrotechnicians. The 8th of March is usually made by a woman pyrotechnician to celebrate the Woman’s Day. It takes place at 14:00 every day from the 1st  to the 19th of March. Don’t miss it!


-la Plantà: it takes place on the 15th of March for the Fallas Infantiles and on the 16th of March for the big fallas monuments. All the Fallas have to be finished in order to qualify to the Fallas contest.


-l’Ofrena de flors: the flower offering during the days of 17-18 of March to the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Forsaken. In Plaza de la Virgen a big statue of the Virgin Mary is covered by all the flowers.


Els Castells and la Nit del Foc: on the nights of 15,16,17 and 18 of March there are firework displays at the Turia River in the Alameda area. The most amazing one is  the night of the 18 of March (la Nit del Foc).


Cavalcada del Foc: it’s a spectacular fire parade on March 19th at about 19:00 pm. It is a celebration of fire. It’s a show of extravaganza with floats, giant mechanisms, rockets, gunpowder and music.


-la Cremà: (the burning) it takes place the final night on the 19th of March when all the Fallas are burnt as huge bonfires. The Cremà starts at 22:00 with the burning of all the Fallas Infantiles (the children’s fallas which are smaller than the main fallas) and then at 00:00 they start to cremate the big Fallas. At 00:30 the commission give the first prize to the best Falla. The main Falla of Plaza del Ayuntamiento is the last falla to be burn at 1:30 am after a big firework display.




Therefore, all the work made by all the Fallas artists during a year is burned down but don’t worry is the tradition and they will already start to work to make other amazing monuments in order to impress us. 

We tried to explain what Fallas is, now it’s your turn to come to Valencia in order to discover las Fallas and to prepare yourself to add sparkle in your eyes: let yourself  be amazed!

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