The Rimini Pub & Disco Crawl Rimini Guide

The Rimini Pub & Disco Crawl

The Original Rimini Pub & Disco Crawl.

Taste the Vibrant NightLife of Rimini Riviera in one Night!

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3 Shots in 3 different Pubs + Drinks and Disco Entrance + Free Official T-Shirt + Bus Return, Drinking Games and a lot of Fun !!!

Meeting point at Sunflower Beach Backpacker Hostels & Bar in Rimini, Italy, at 10:30 pm.

If are you looking for one of the most Famous Pub Crawl in Italy you can’t absolutely miss the Famous Sunflower Backpacker Hostels Rimini Pub & Disco Crawl, one of the best social and fun experience you can have in Rimini.

Sunflower Backpackers Hostels in Rimini have been running the Rimini Pub & Disco Crawl for the past 10 years now, and they know only too well how to organize this event and create a social event, the perfect excuse for the staff to mingle with guests and to experience one of the best local social events in town.

The evening begins every night at seven, when by the ring of the bell, the evening kicks off with the free “Pasta Party” and the special “Happy Hour” get 3, buy 2 or the “Social Backyard BBQ”.

The evening then continues with social games such as Beer Pong, Limbo dancing, Truth or dare,  Never have I ever, Jenga and so on, all this at the sound of  a DJ set just to get the mood going.

Part of the fun of the Rimini Pub & Disco Crawl, is also the customisation of the official Pub and Disco Crawl T-Shirts: with a cut and a nip in the right place you can reveal your personality. It is only at this stage that guests and their friends start to get ready to PARTY!!!

Under the lead of the responsible Rimini Pub and Disco Crawl Leader, the group hit 2 Pubs for drinks and a shot, a few more games along the way, and then finally to a different Disco every time, where all guests have transport entrance and a drink included in the package!

And now HAVE FUN!!!

The Rimini Pub & Disco Crawl
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