Top 10 things to do in Bad Gastein Top 10 things to do in Bad Gastein

Top 10 things to do in Bad Gastein

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The Top 10 Things To Do in Bad Gastein

If you happen to find yourself in the heart of the Austrian Alps and you need some top travel tip recommendations to keep yourself entertained ‐ then you lucky things are in the right place! Here is the Europe’s Famous Hostels guide to filling your days in Bad Gastein!


Skiing and Snowboarding in Bad Gastein


It’s pretty obvious what to do during winter when you’re in the Austrian Alps ‐ especially when downhill skiing was invented here! With so much snow, snow and more snow, you guys can enjoy a massive range of activities with a magnificent, mountainous backdrop! The Euro Youth Hotel is in fact a mere 100 meters away from one of the main ski lifts in town, thereby opening up a whole new world for skiers, snowboarders and anyone who just wants to head on up the mountain and enjoy the finest Alpine nature around! Better yet there’s an apple strudel‐tastic café at the top. Does anyone else feel a Sound of Music number coming on?

Hot Water Spas in Bad Gastein


Bad Gastein is renowned the world over as a get well, health retreat where the emperors of yesteryear once flocked for peace, quiet and regeneration. The hot water in the Felsenbad Hot Springs Spa comes straight out of eighteen thermal springs, deep within the mountain and it’s infused with Radon which helps to cure ailments of all varieties, from arthritis and joint infections to Asthma and Bronchitis! You can also drink it but we’re not sure how tasty it is after all that time underground. One thing however is clear. You will leave said spa feeling both exhausted and euphoric ‐ after all the toxins are dragged kicking and screaming, out of your body. Be wary of the steam room though. Unisex nudity is mandatory and some of the sights may well mentally scar you.

Cool Stuff Around Bad Gastein


Now your first impression of Bad Gastein might be that of a sleepy little ski resort, but when you dig beneath the surface you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that there’s much more to the town. Everything around is steeped in history ‐ whether it be related to the Romans or to do with Napoleon, and the town boasts a huge modern casino ‐ set in some classic surrounds. When the hotel‐hostel bar shuts down a highly recommended recommendation is the oh‐so‐fun Silver Bullet Bar. Be aware however that you’ll need stamina for this one! If you’re also something of a culture vulture then be sure to check out the Gasteiner Museum in the Haus Austria, the Montan Museum (open from mid May and €2.20 per person) and Weitmoser Castle, a short train ride away in Bad Hofgastein.

Summer in Bad Gasteing

You guys are spoilt for choice in the summer months because as soon as the six month ski season draws to a close, the outdoor adventure scene really kicks off with mountain biking, nature trails, hiking galore, paragliding (also available all year round), rafting, canyoning, Nordic Walking and more! You can easily arrange many of these great activities through the reception of the hostel, buy in support of the try before you buy principle, here’s a little more on the best options on offer.

Hiking High


There are over 350 kilometres of superb hiking trails around Bad Gastein and if you go through the Tourist Office in town you can easily enjoy a day long, guided walk of your surrounds, jam packed with multi lingual, story telling good times. A top tip for the nature enthusiasts in the backpacker crowd is to head to Via Aurea ‐ on the trail of the Tauren Gold. Not to spoil the surprise at the end, but be sure to take your camera with you for this one. If you don’t you’ll most certainly regret it.

Mountain Biking in Bad Gastein


If you’re a fan of transport with two wheels and great cycle routes then prepare to suppress a squeal of pure joy and excitement. In Bad Gastein you environmentally friendly travellers can enjoy more than 120km of dedicated bike tracks ‐ including the very, very cool Gasteiner Valley Cycle Path. This stretches all the way from Böckstein to Klammstein! If after such a cycle you’re still feeling the urge to stretch your legs and fancy a jog, then you can’t go wrong with a jaunt around the Arena Gastein.



This one get’s its very own paragraph because quite simply ‐ it kicks more ass than Jackie Chan on an ecstasy trip. In a nutshell ‐ all you have to do in order to experience said ecstatic joy is take the Gondel lift up to the Flying Eldorado Dorfgastein. Here it is highly recommended that you strap a man with a parachute to your back before jumping! The weightlessness in the midst of such scenic scenery is heavenly and if you want to show off the views on the way down, cameras can be catered for. There’s also an exclusively reserved landing space ‐ just so you guys don’t have to worry about landing on an assortment of sheep and skiers.

Horse Rides


If you like riding around in nature on horse back, then you’re going to love the Via Aurea Path ‐ out of Bad Gastein. In the historically significant days of yesterday, this route was used to transport gold but now all you’re likely to encounter are guided mule rides and fellow equestrian fans. You can head out for many a leisurely kilometre courtesy of the Oberhaizinggut Island Pony Farm, who organise treks that last for several days or just a matter of hours. You can also strap up your backpack and go Lama Trekking but this one requires a little specialist training ‐ so only try it out if you’re feeling adventurous!

Accommodation in Bad Gastein

The best place for some top notch shut eye and a superb chill out session has to be the Euro Youth Hotel. It’s just 100 metres from the train station, a mere 100 metres from the nearest ski lift and only 50 metres from the entrance of the famous thermal baths. The bar and restaurant in the hostel don’t just serve up relaxing times after a hard day of adventure and activity though. There’s also the world famous chef Ivan on call to fill your belly with traditional and tasty Austrian food, and then there’s always the BBQs, the roaring open fires, the party nights, live bands and more.



Top 10 things to do in Bad Gastein
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