Top 10 things to do in Cardiff Top 10 things to do in Cardiff

Top 10 things to do in Cardiff

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Top Ten Travel Tips for Cardiff

Getting There

Just so you know – the airlines that fly in and out of here are Zoom, KLM, BMI, Aer Arann, Eastern Airways, Fly Be, Highland Airways, Skybus and Thomson.

First things first – you have to get to the Welsh capital! Cardiff International Airport is well connected to dozens of great locations across Europe and several in North America too!

If you’d prefer to arrive by train instead of plane then you should definitely look into coming at the city from the English capital. During the day trains head to Cardiff every 30 minutes from London Paddington. Later on it’s every hour and if you book in advance, you can get a return for less than €20!

Cardiff Castle

You can find this ‘ye olde’ attraction by heading up through the city centre, away from the train station. When you enter the fortress you may well think the interior looks like an eccentric gothic decorator threw up everywhere – but give it a chance. The extravagant mix of styles, Texas Armadillos and gold ceilings somehow works, and at the end of your guided tour it’s quite normal to be left a little awe inspired. If you’re lucky – the morning tour will be narrated by Susanne and her cutting wit. It’s worth €10 just to see her speedy put downs of argumentative, bum bag laden, retired Americans.

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The Millennium Stadium

The introductory video to this place is akin to corporate sponsored propaganda and the Coldplay soundtrack definitely seals the deal for the cynics in the crowd, but the guided tour of the stadium more than makes up for this. Madonna didn’t choose this venue to kick off her 2008 World Tour for nothing!

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The views from the upper levels help you to understand this choice. Looking down over this 74,500 capacity stadium is slightly dizzying and ultimately awe inspiring. Also the fact that this stadium was built on time and within budget, puts the London counter part in Wembley to shame.

Creepy Cardiff Ghost Tour

The Creepy Cardiff Ghost Tour is possibly the best part of any visit to Cardiff. This little beauty is narrated by a walking font of knowledge called David. The historical high jinx stored in his brain is unsurpassable and top tales include students impaled on dragon wings, newspaper fetching dogs imprisoned in public toilets for all eternity and the scary park life tales of a certain MP. The tour is seasonal and you have to guarantee a certain number of people for it to run, but it is most certainly, without a doubt, worth organising. Take a trip to for all the gruesome and gory details!

Speed-boating Around Cardiff Bay

A superb way to get your bearings in this super flat city is on a Bay Island Voyages speedboat. They pick up from Mermaid Quay and when you clear the river the skipper let’s the twin, 250 horsepower engines roar into Cardiff Bay. This thrash about might soak you through to the britches but it’s one hell of an introduction to the city, the setting of British science fiction smash hit – Doctor Who and the manmade freshwater bay. Phoebe the dog is also a favourite feature on this boat tour, as she patrols the isles of the open top craft, making sure your legs are tucked in good and tight!


This is a great little excursion if you’re the type who likes to indulge their inner child. You might be surrounded by kids but one stern look will shift them off the cyclone generator, the co-ordination challenging loop the loop and the oh-so-fun giant piano. It’s like the blockbuster film Big – but without Tom Hanks. This science exposition is one of the biggest in the United Kingdom and it takes the concept of two piece, yoghurt pot telephone, joined by a piece of string to a whole new level. Techniquest in fact has voice amplifying, distance defying satellite dishes! You need to jump off the speed boat in the bay or grab a bus down from the city centre – to get to this one.

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Doctor Who

This interactive journey takes you and The Doctor on a spectacular adventure through time and space. Step through a crack in time and help the Doctor, armed with his Sonic Screwdriver to escape from his foes, fly the TARDIS and come face to facewith some of the scariest monsters seen on screen including the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans. Featuring exclusive filmed sequences with Matt Smith and packed with amazing special effects, this multi-sensory experience is fun for all the family and fans alike. After your action packed journey with the Doctor, there is so much more to see and explore. The world’s most extensive collection of original Doctor Who props and atrefacts includes the entire collection of Doctors’ iconic costumes from 1963 to the present day, the David Tennant TARDIS set and the Doctors’ arch foes through the ages. Specially created sets, images and interactive experiences allow you to discover first hand what happens behind the scenes of the iconic television series, how the special effects are created and even how to walk like a Doctor Who monster.

Fast Food and Tasty Treats

There’s a wonderfully, cheap and cheerful collection of tasty, take away food vendors in Cardiff and you’ll find them on Caroline Street. This street is in fact so wonderful because it’s populated almost entirely by chip shops. These serve up some very tasty, deep fried potato snacks but make sure you’re here in the early evening – before the clubs kick the dancers out and the queues start to form. If potatoes saturated in fat aren’t your thing then head to the nearby Brewery Quarter. This cobbled courtyard boasts a nice collection of restaurants and bars, all with menus that won’t sink a backpacker budget.

Impressionists Outside of Paris

A must do in Cardiff is The National Museum and Gallery. Like many of the great museums across Britain – it’s free and inside you’ll find the second largest collection of Impressionist art – after Paris. The great pieces on show include The Kiss by Rodin and Dressed Dancer by Degas. Unsurprisingly the museum is very popular, especially with school groups so make sure you hit this one in the late afternoon. That’s if you want to avoid several dozen busloads of toilet seat spraying kids! The museum is just north of the city centre in the University district, near Museum Avenue.

Top 10 things to do in Cardiff
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