Top 10 things to see in Krakow Top 10 things to see in Krakow

Top 10 things to see in Krakow

Why should you visit Cracow? Because it’s a unique place in Europe! You can experience the atmosphere of the old city with a lot of traditions and spend a crazy night in one of the trendiest pubs or music clubs. While walking along the medieval streets, you will discover many hidden gems, picturesque sights and history. But remember, it’s a vibrant city which really never sleeps and where you always can have fun.

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Top 10 Things To See In Krakow


The settlement of the Polish kings looks like a castle from a fairy tale. Go up the hill, enter the cathedral with the tombs of the rulers and take a walk at one of the biggest arcaded courtyards in Europe. Under the castle there’s a cave and once upon a time the Cracow dragon lived in it. The dragon was interested in eating young women for breakfast so be careful! You can see the statue of the dragon breathing out the fire at the bank of the Wisla River, just next to the castle.

wawel castle


It’s the main church of the city. The stone was always very expensive in Cracow so they built it of bricks in the medieval ages. The church has two tall towers and there’s a legend full of murder connected with them. Don’t miss the trumpeter playing the bugle every hour during the day and night from the taller tower. Take a look inside as there’s the greatest masterpiece in Cracow – the biggest wooden gothic altar in the world.


It’s the biggest medieval square in Europe and lots of people say it’s more beautiful than Venice’s Piazza San Marco. In the middle you can see Sukiennice – a huge Cloth Hall from the 16th century crowned with an attic full of misterious ugly faces. Visit the underground museum and get to know how people lived in the medieval ages. At the square you will also see the oldest building in Cracow – St Adalbert’s church and the leaning Town Hall Tower.


In the past there were five kilometres of the city walls in Cracow. Now we’ve got only some part of them, but the main entrence to the city survived together with the sculpture of St Florian protecting Cracow against the fire. Enter the gate and admire the best preserved Barbican in Europe from the 15th century.


Follow the king’s steps from St Florian’s Gate to the Wawel Castle Cathedral. The kings and queens took the coronation, marriage and funeral processions along these streets to show off to the citizens of the city. Most important houses and churches are located at the Royal Way.

top ten things to see in Krakow


The church doesn’t look impressive outside but when you go inside the decorations will take your breath away. There are also marvelous stained glass windows, the biggest of them God Father – Become, which is considered to be one of the most important examples of the Art Nouveau in Poland.


It’s the oldest part of the Jagiellonian University. Go inside to visit one of the most magical places in the city – a perfectly 15th century courtyard. There’s also a musical clock with statues of the people connected with the university. The clock plays the melody Gaudeamus, the students’ anthem.


The New Square in the Jewish Quarter is the place where most of local people go when they want to party. You’ve got so many pubs there, that if you don’t like one, you take four or five steps and you enter the next one with another unique design. There are also a lot of very good restaurants serving Polish and fusion cuisine at reasonable prices. Definitely a place to spend one of the most enjoyable evenings in your life.


The Jewish Quarter was opened at Kazimierz city in the 15th century. Then it was a separate town, now it’s the district of Cracow. Seven synagogues, the Old Jewish Cemetery and historical houses of the Jews living there for 500 years create the picture of this once lively exotic district. Discover also the tragic history of 1940s shown by Spielberg in Schindler’s List which was filmed there.

jewish quarter krakow


It’s a must visit museum in Poland. You are gradually introduced to the history of the Second World War and the Ghetto in Cracow. All your senses are influenced by the pictures, sounds and installations as you go past the rooms and corridors. The museum is located in the original Oscar Schindler’s factory where the Jews were working during the Nazi occupation.

Top 10 things to see in Krakow
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