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Top 10 things to see in Warsaw


The restored Old Town is now full of life, cafes, restaurants, and atmosphere. Full of Renaissance and Baroque style buildings, Market Square, Barbican, Cathedrals as well as restaurants and cafes.Have a walk and search for hidden spots its walls, narrow alleys, squares or explore amazing picturesque palaces, churches or the Royal Castle.Royal Route leads from Castle square south down to royal palaces, beautiful „New World Street”, Lazienki Park with peacocks, squirrels and Chopin monument all the way to Wilanow.

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Warsaw is a city resurrected from the ashes after 2 up-risings and two sieges. Was rebuild mostly in the communist (Socialist Realism) style. And it’s not always wrong. Do not miss Palace of Culture and Science, the tallest building in Poland, with cinemas, theatres, museums etc. Go to MDM- quarter with typical commie architecture.

When you get hungry try milk bars- diners that were very common in Communist times. Some still exists and are poular for their cheap, home-style cooking and unique atmosphere.. And this not always means wrong.Do not miss Palace of Culture and Science, the tallest building in Poland, with cinemas, theatres, museums etc. Go to MDM- quarter with typical commie architecture. When you get hungry try milk bars. A fast food, originated in communism, some of these popular bars still exist.


Don’t forget about Warsaw’s green side. Warsaw has gardens, forests and over 70 parks. Royal Park Lazienki has a lot to offer with does, peacocks, squirrels and views. If you need more than nature, in summer you can take a blanket and listen to a live Chopin music concert on open air. Kampinoski National Park give you escape from the urban life to its dunes, elks and even bison. You can get there by tram.


If you wish to know why the city was rebuild and why we love our independence so much, you must to visit Warsaw Uprising Museum. See all those mementos, movies and many others… Exhibition teaches history in entertaining and interactive way. Want to know who was a famous city’s son before the war? No matter if you are professional musician or a complete amateur, you will have lot of fun in Chopin Museum. Play the piano, listen to the stories about music composer Frederic Chopin.


Check out our amazing skyline. We have business center with many skyscrapers that looks awesome at night!


You like to party? We have bars on every corner! have fun till early morning. So don’t miss our favorite Pavilons, cool courtyard with many cheap student bars. You’ll also find many shot bars (around 1€ for a shot and 2€ for old style appetizer), some open 24 hours. Multitap beer bars are also so easy to find. But if you’re looking for more chic spot there’re also plenty of them. In the city center you can party in some fancy clubs. Enklawa is the best pick-up joint around -a classic kitschy, glitzy disco. Luzztro, a grim grotto where rules don’t apply. Cafe Kulturalna is unbeatable while visiting the Palace of Culture and Science. Warszawa Powisle, with deck chairs outside, provide ample opportunity for the city’s young to gather in an almost carnival like atmosphere. In Summer you must visit river bank and grab a drink in one of many bars or have a night picnic on the beach.


The other face of Warsaw – Praga district. Rich offer of bars, cafes, artistic studios, galleries and alternative clubs, industrial buildings and old houses with chapels or at least Madonna at literally every courtyard. There’s also a sandy part of our river shore with bars and BBQ’s. Go to Rozycki Market, Metropolitan Orthodox Church, orthe  Old vodka factory which has been converted into a cultural and party center.


Warsaw is a great place for shopping. Go hunting for salesin one of the many shopping centers. Zlote Tarasy shopping center is just next to the main train station, but there are many others all around the city to keep you busy!


A Ski slope 5 minutes from center and free skating in the heart of the city in winter. In summer you can BBQ on the beach, play volleyball or enjoy clubbing on the river bank. Take the river tramway throughout the city and ride city bikes. If you have strong arms try the rope parks where climbing is a ‘must do’.


Kazimierz Dolny – an artistic, renaissance town with magical atmosphere -; near a lake. Visit Zelazowa Wola, the birthplace of Frederic Chopin. Modlin Fortress is an old defensive point, one of the largest in Europe, where 2 beautiful rivers cross.  All those sites you can easily reach by bus or train.


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