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We haven’t quite worked
out how it works yet,
but Onavo is genius. We
all know the crazy-high
costs of data roaming
while abroad; well, Onavo
reduces the data used by
any of your operations.
From downloading emails
to uploading photos,
Onavo manages to reduce
the data consumed
massively so you don’t get
a shock when your phone
bill comes at the end of
the month.
Travel Apps
Skype is an essential for
anybody travelling away
from home, with calls
costing as little as 0,01€
a minute to landlines. provides you
with the most up-to-date
currency exchage rate
for literally any currency
in the world. Although
the Euro is used in most
EU countries, several
countries have kept their
own currency.
Kindle for iphone
Any traveller knows that
the key in making your
backpacking adventure
comfortable is having as
little weight as possible
on your back. Books, for
example, are a no-no.
Now Kindle have created
an App to download on
iPhone and Blackberry so
you can create or access
your Kindle account and
read whatever you like
directly off your iPhone!
Toilet Finder
Ever got caught short
while walking around a
new city? Download Toilet
Finder and your phone
will show you the closest
possible public facitity-
loos even get rated by the
users so you know what
you’re in for when you get
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