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University travel: 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

Are you a student and want to travel the world? Is money what’s stopping you from going? Well, not for much longer with these tips!

One of the downsides of being a student is not having a large budget to fund your travels. Yet being at university is one of the best moments in your life to explore the world. So to make sure money isn’t the thing that stops you from travelling we will give 10 ways students can globe-trot for free.

1. Hitchhike | 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

Travelling from place to place often takes the biggest cut out of your budget. Luckily hitchhiking in Europe is pretty safe and easy in the more expensive countries such as the Netherlands and Germany. In Southern Europe it can take a little bit longer for cars to pick you up, but at least it’s an adventure and rewarding when you manage to finally get that lift you’ve been waiting for.

2. Workaway | 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

One of the best ways to travel without spending money is to use platforms like workaway. Here you can get in touch with local communities, projects families that need help. With your skills and expertise you get a place to stay and often food in return. It’s a very rewarding and fun experience.

3. Teach English | 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

As a student you know like no other how important it is to be able speak English. How amazing would it be if you could teach someone else this same skill? All you have to do is get a TEFL certificate and you’ll be able to teach English in almost every country in the world. This doesn’t only save you money but you’ll actually be able to earn money something while exploring the world!

4. Become an influencer | 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

A lot of companies step away from influencers with a massive following and focus on micro influencers. Perfect, because this means more opportunities for everyone else. If you’re into writing, love taking good pictures pictures, do incredible yoga poses, cooking delicious meals or anything else that might be interesting for people to follow then definitely consider setting up a blog or an instagram account.

5. Car relocations | 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

A lot of car companies offer rentals from one place that you’re able to drop-off at another. This results in an overload of cars at the final destinations of popular one-way routes and you may already see it coming: these cars have to be driven back to the place they came from. You can often rent those cars for free or pay only €1. Contract car companies to check if they have any cars that need to be returned!

6. Use your skills | 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

If you have any special skills there are tons of ways to make money and globe-trot for free. This can range from giving yoga classes, bootcamps, guide city tours to offering photoshoots.

7. Scholarships | 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

For students there are a lot of scholarships available to help you fund your time abroad. It’s really worth looking into which ones you can get as it can save you thousands of euros. In Europe the most famous one is the Erasmus Scholarship which you can get for an exchange semester but also for an internship abroad. This is an amazing way to get to know another country and way of life during your studies.

8. Take part in competitions | 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

A lot of companies such as hotels and travel organizations (but also tv shows) and big Instagram accounts offer competitions where you can win amazing trips. Whereas this used to be something that you thought you would never win, it became much more reachable now companies use more transparent ways to show how they select a winner. Simply Google ‘travel competitions’ and follow some travel IG accounts to take part!

9. Cycle or hike | 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

This may sounds crazy but we meet more and more travellers that cycle or hike from one destination to the next. This not only saves a lot of money but also is a great and unique experience. Maybe you can even raise money for charity?

10. Work in a hostel | 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

Most hostels offer a lot of great volunteer opportunities, providing you a free stay in return for helping them out. Think of working at the reception desk to giving yoga classes or helping to set up the breakfast every morning. We also offer a lot of great volunteer opportunities. Just contact the hostels and they’ll tell you more!


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