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Why you should visit the Swiss Alps once in your life!

As a genuine backpacker, authentic experiences are the essence of any trip. Escape the madness of cities for a second and try to reconnect with yourself in nature. There is no better place to do so, than at Balmers Hostel in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Balmers has been a proud founding member of Europe’s Famous Hostels. As the oldest private hostel of Switzerland, Balmers is the only hostel where you can find the famous EFH’s genuine backpack experience on high altitude. It’s conveniently located on the foot of the Swiss Alps within a 3-hour train ride from Milan. Wow!

Shortly said, there is no better cure for your overstimulated travel brain than to properly get lost in the fresh mountain air. Let us prove you why…

1. Relax your brain and restore yourself

When you are traveling, you frequently find yourself in situations that are completely foreign to you. It takes a lot of brain power to process all of these new impressions. Luckily there is a cheap antidote to balance them out: mountain time. A study by Strayer demonstrated that participants scored 50% better on creative problem-solving tasks after being in nature for three days. Interesting isn’t it?

More concretely, when you get to Balmers Interlaken, Switzerland, the best hike we can recommend for your nature retreat is the 6-hour hike from Schynnige-Platte to First. The mesmerizing beauty of the trail will surely comfort your brain. The hike will give you a chance to relax and makes you feel more grateful with the world around you. The trail involves a bit of elevation and is quite demanding, so make sure you prepare yourself!

2. Take shots of endorphins and adrenaline

Interlaken is the European capital for adventure activities and extreme sports. Which means that there are countless of exciting activities for you to experience. And they all come with a whole range of health benefits. Outdoor activities stimulate the production of endorphins, which makes you feel happy and euphoric. The vitamin D you absorb, while being in the sun, promote the production of serotonin, which positively affects your self image. Facing your fears will boost the adrenaline and conquering your fears will boost dopamine, both will help you feel more motivated and confident in yourself.

Take a moment to consider what type of activity will have the most positive effect on you. A positive experience will create a vivid memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life. The reception staffs at Balmers will be happy to help you choose one (www.balmers.com/activities)! Get ready, set, go…!

Welcome to Balmers Hostel and let’s go play outside!



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