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What to do in Hvar What to do in Hvar

What to do in Hvar

Hvar is a beautiful Croatian island located in the temperate Adriatic sea. A popular tourist destination, Hvar is famous for its beautiful landscape and beaches. Receiving more than 2715 hours of sunlight a year, it is a true Mediterranean paradise! Many tourists will base their travel in Hvar out of the largest city on the island, Hvar Town. A popular destination for young adults, Hvar Town is full of lively restaurants, boutiques, and discos! In its peak season, Hvar Town attracts approximately 20,000 visitors a day!

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From Hvar’s secluded coves and small villages to the active Hvar Town, there are plenty of activities to enjoy on this beautiful island. Most tourists will plan their visit to this paradise during the peak tourist season between the months of May and September. If you enjoy fine wine, boating and beaches, and an active nightlife, Hvar is the place to be!

What to do in Hvar vineyard

Vineyards and Wineries:

This island has been producing excellent wine from vineyards planted hundreds of years ago.

Traveling a mere 25 minute drive from the heart of Hvar Town will place you in the luscious wine country of the island. The rolling hills of vineyards are truly breathtaking!

The abundant sunshine, mild climate, and fertile soil make Hvar an ideal location for growing grapes and making fine wine.

Tourists are invited to tour one of the many vineyards and wineries on the beautiful island.  You’ll have the opportunity to tour wine cellars, production facilities, and take part in a wine tasting. While visiting Hvar, this is an experience you will not want to miss!

What to do in Hvar: Boating and Beaches:

If you prefer to spend your time on the water, Hvar offers 158 miles of beautiful coastline for visitors to tour! With countless hidden coves and harbors, there are plenty of places to explore from the sea! Snorkeling is an extremely popular activity in Hvar due to the crystal clear temperate water. With many hidden beaches, lagoons, and underwater tunnels, underwater exploration is a great way to enjoy this island.

hvar MAIN

There are several companies out of Hvar Town that offer Speedboat and Yacht rentals and Villa Marija Hvar Hostel will be able to hook you up with some of the cheapest around!. You can have a licensed skipper take you to the most hidden and beautiful areas of the island. If you prefer to stay on the land, you can enjoy countless pebble beaches surrounded by beautiful pine tree forests that are located throughout the island.

What to do in Hvar: Explore

Whether you are looking to enjoy fine wine, boating and beaches, or a wild night out, Hvar is a great destination to visit. Its mild, sunny climate and vast array of activities will ensure your vacation is full of both excitement and relaxation. This island truly is the best of both worlds! Come and explore this gem of the Adriatic Sea!

what to do in hvar

What to do in Hvar
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