What to do in Zagreb Zagreb Guide

What to do in Zagreb

If you are scratching you head and don’t quite know What to do In Zagreb, then this article is for you. If you haven't been to the place before, here are somethings that should top your to-do list when in the city.

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Go to its new museum

The biggest museum is Croatia is one which is the first of its kind in Zagreb which took a good 125 years to build. The 5,000 sq m of the space for exhibition also boasts of a media room, a children’s area for holding workshop along with a library and a boutique.

The Museum of Contemporary Art or the MCA meets the Lisinski Concert Hall which had been an area which has been little visited over the past couple of years. Igor Franić was the marvellous archtitect who drew the designs of the building and was also the man responsible for giving shape to the meander.

The snake like art form is something that is used quite often in Croatian forms of art. Over 4,000 works are on display by a good 900 artists. The conceptual artwork of artists like DaliborMartinis, GoranTrubljiak and many other is kept here.


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Relish the cuisine

Post the success of the very famous yet expensive Marcellino, the owner and chef, Mario Čerhak has managed to add another feather in his cap with the lovely Hugo right under the very same roof. The anchovy soup, the risotto and many other delicacies are on offer which will certainly have your tongues wagging. The place is closed on Saturdays during the day but is open in the evening. With a brisk walk after your lovely dinner, there could be nothing better.

Try the Velebitsko

The biggest attraction of Route 66, a popular rock club and bar is the Velebitsko. The beer is available at quite a few places in the town but you would relish one in this environment. The brewers brew this beer under the purity laws of Germany in Lika. Locals really love the cold quality of the beer and recommend all beer lovers to try.

Get your hands on gableci

The most satisfying and quite easy on your pockets gableci is a dish you just cannot afford to miss. The meat laid gableci is quite hard to find but if you look for it at the right places, getting your hands on a plate of this tasty dish won’t be so tough. The Dolac market, the Kvarternikov are the best places to try for gableci with yummy pasta and turkey to go with.

Be a part of the Saturday morning custom

The  špica on a lively Saturday morning is a popular custom in Zagreb city. The custom takes place at the site where Gaveja coincides withBogovićevanear the flower market. This happens between 11 am till lunch time at around 2pm. Having a cup of kava in the morning will brighten your day. Enjoy the cool and calm breeze near the Dolac market and sit in with the locals. The hush toned dresses are perfect and chic.


Now you might get What to do In Zagreb but there is more.

Take a ride on the Tram

The most attractive an probably the most unusual of all the features is the 1924 snow mobile which is a huge attraction for tourists. The free ride lets you see the city and starts off during the week till the Maksimir Park. For families, this tram ride is great fun.

Get some Crotian wine

Many people who do come to Croatia love to taste the wine. The Bornstein is one the most famous boutiques for the best wine in the world. Vlado, the owner has labels which come from every part of the world. The truffles, olive oils available at the shop are to die for.

Get to see some live jazz

If there is anything that will take you aback, it is the live quality of jazz. The town of Zagreb has the BP Club which is run by BoškoPetrović is a must visit on any itinerary. The Jazz Club, Baccchus Jazz Bar amongst others are great places to visit during October for it is this time around the International Jazz festival is held.

Get your feet tapping to some great DJing

The Sirup is a bog hit and has one of the best dance floors in the world. The place is usually packed and some of the most impressive DJs enthral you with their remixes of popular hits. Many big names come to perform here. The place is lively and offers some exotic cocktails which will help you have the time of your life.

When it comes to food and wine, Zagreb will certainly not disappoint you. The city is a lively place to enjoy a vacation with some of the most affordable accommodation on avail, taking time out to see the city is a must do when in Croatia. For anyone who likes art, music, food and fun, you have come to the right place.