What to eat in Bergen What to eat in Bergen

What to eat in Bergen

When visiting Norway, I am sure that you knew that being in a Scandinavian country you were prepared to see fish on the menu. And as that is true, there are plenty more options to get your taste buds tingling in Bergen.

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If you go out to restaurants or cafes, you will find they are most menus arein Norwegian and English, so you will have a pretty good idea of what to eat in Bergen and what you are ordering (and if you are not sure what something is, by all means: ASK!)

smoked fish

In the wharf you’ll find the famous Torget al fresco market offering up the day’s catch along with some excellent local cheeses, breads, flowers and more.

Basic staples in the Norwegian diet is fish. But, happily, many people hold the opinion that Norway has some of the best  and freshest fish around. For example, the Norwegian wild salmon is renowned for its flavor around the world. You also have trout, herring, cod, herring, and sardines among many other fish to select from.

Don’t think you don’t have other aquatic delicacies to try.

Depending on what type of year you decide to visit Bergen, you can experience world-renowned giant size king crab; shrimp, mussels, scallops, crayfish and even the famed Norwegian lobster (just make sure for that one you are there in late autumn when it is in season).

For someone with a more adventurous palate, there are more varied and adventurous things to try. If you want to be a little different, there is elk and reindeer to eat, and for the bit daring, Bergen serves dishes consisting of seal and whale.

Depending if you are searching for great food on a dime, or the dearer cost of dining at a restaurant, there seem like endless options.

what to eat in bergen smørbrød

What to eat in Bergen and where?


If you’re looking for a sit-down meal don’t miss Bryggen Tracteursted housed in one of Bergen’s beautiful historic buildings.

Here you can try some excellent fresh seafood along with inventive meat dishes like reindeer fillet with goat’s cheese.

On Vaskerelven street you’ll find Pingvinen restaurant, the perfect place to grab some traditional Norwegian cooking or even just chill out with a drink in the cosy atmosphere.

Overall, it seems like big breakfasts, picnics, and snacks are the norm in Bergen. Breakfast seems to literally be the “most important meal of the day,” and a “normal” Bergen brekkie consists of a heaping helping of serve yourself: Crackers, eggs, cheese, bread, preserves, cold meats and along with that fresh and pickled fish. Don’t forget your optional lemon tea or ground coffee.

For picnic foods, bread and cheese along with some yoghurt or delicious local fruit is delicious and works for someone on a budget. All along Bergen you will have the opportunities to snoop around the street vendors that sell everything from hot dogs to white pizza.

There is a very interesting yet delicious type of sandwich you may want to try: a smørbrød (say “smurr-brur”). What you usually get is a piece of bread smothered and piled high with either meat or shrimp, full of garnishes, veggies, and mayonnaise. You can find these in cafes, sandwich shops, and bakeries many of which within a short walking distance of Marken Gjestehus Bergen’s best hostel!

For lunches or suppers, there are beautiful old-world favorites you can try throughout the restaurants. Some examples are fish-cake sandwiches, fish pie, whale, lamb shank, reindeer, and meatballs.

Don’t forget to try the wild-Norwegian-berry jam!

Drinks are similar worldwide, as are spirits, but you are bound to find the culinary side of Bergen just one of its fascinating and delicious charms.

bryggen Tracteursted

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What to eat in Bergen
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