What to eat in Bratislava: Restaurants and Cheap Eats Bratislava Guide

What to eat in Bratislava: Restaurants and Cheap Eats

Although many of you may never have heard of Slovak cuisine and would have no idea what to eat in Bratislava, some of the city's best restaurants are those who have stuck to their traditions and still serve up the traditional classics.

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What to eat in Bratislava?

The traditions of Slovak cuisine, and particularly what to eat in Bratislava, can be traced back to when the majority of the population lived in villages and relied on what they could grow and rear in order to live self-sufficiently.  Dishes generally consist of hearty stews and soups and plenty of pork meat, in all of its forms.

The most popular dishes are bryndzové halušky (potato dumplings served with sheep’s milk cheese), lokše (baked potato pancakes) and kapustnica (soup made with sausage and cut cabbage).


However the gastronomy has been influenced along the centuries by the Hungarian, Austrian and Czech cuisine that brings other well known dished to the list, such as goulash (Hungarian stew or soup made with beef and vegetables, and usually seasoned with paprika) and rezeň (Austrian breaded schnitzel).


Here’s our list of the top places to eat in Bratislava:

Bratislavsky mestiansky pivovar

A brewery just out of the old town of Bratislawa.  This place serves up great local dishes at good prices, plus has some of the best beer in town, brewed right there!


Prasna Basta

A typical small eatery in a courtyard in the old town.  Try the Pork Stew and Pancakes sitting out in their courtyard.  Prices are low, especially considering the side of the dishes they serve up!


Modra Hviezda

If you want to get a taste of typical and traditional Slovakia dishes this is the best option for you! Based in Bratislava Castle you will get the best time and atmosphere.


Tired of Slovak cuisine?  Then have a look at our international options:

San Marten

Offers fresh home-made pasta and great steaks, you can find this place On Panska 33.  It’s a little expensive for every day but the lunch menu is better value.

Pizza Mizza

Very popular Pizza joint set in the atmospheric Historical Centre of Bratislava.  Great for a cheap eat, or to share one of their massive pizzas with friends.

Bistro St Germain

Parisian-style cafe set in one of the Old Town’s teeny back streets.  Famous for their homemade lemonade, they also serve up inexpensive French cuisine in a cosy atmosphere.

What to eat in Bratislava: Restaurants and Cheap Eats
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