What to Eat in Rhodes Rhodes Guide

What to Eat in Rhodes

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Well, there’s food for every taste and for every budget on Rhodes! Of course, there are gyros and souvlaki – it wouldn’t be Greece without them, right? Loukoumades (a type of honeyed doughnut) and freshly made ice-cream are really popular options if you have a sweet tooth! Rhodes has some amazing bakeries, producing all types of traditional pastries, including such favourites as bougatsa (custard pie) and spanakopita (spinach pie). These are all great cheap street food options, but don’t miss the opportunity to try so much more. Rhodes produces a great deal of its own food, especially fresh fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables. And there’s a farmers’ market twice a week in town, showing off produce from smallholders from Rhodes and nearby islands. 


Seafood in Rhodes

What to Eat in Rhodes
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