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What to eat in Valencia

While visiting Spain, a person has to indulge in the tradition of such a late supper, and the food in Valencia is not to be missed. Here is more information about what to eat in Valencia.


Paella is a famous food that is loved around the world, and its origins can be traced to Valencia, Spain. Paella is a rice dish that has other things in it like shrimp, vegetables, and other ingredients. There are many different kinds of paella available like vegetarian paella. However, in Valencia, there is a special kind of paella called Valencian Paella, which is made with white rice, green vegetables, meat, which can be rabbit, chicken or duck, and beans.

Tortilla Espaniola

Another name for Tortilla Espaniola is a Spanish omelette. The omelet is made with eggs, potatoes, onions, that are all cooked together in a pain with olive oil. Some people eat Tortilla Espaniola with bread, but others use the bread to make an omelet sandwich.


Chorizo is sausage that is made of a variety of different meat and red peppers that are all ground together. In Spain, chorizo is a main staple, and is used in a variety of different dishes.


Though not a food, Sangria is a very popular drink that is enjoyed all over Spain and Portugal. Sangria is made from wine, fresh fruit, sugar, brand, soda water, and all of it poured over ice.


Gazpacho is a tomato soup that is served cold. Typically, citizens of Spain enjoy this cold soup as an appetizer. The soup is made from tomatoes, green peppers, garlic, onions, vinegar, and water. When the soup is made in a giant pot, it is left to sit overnight before it is served.

Spain is a beautiful country known for its attractions, bullfights, and food. Though some people who visit Spain are not used to its tradition of the midnight meal, the food makes up for the unusual time to have dinner. There are many foods that make going to Valencia a feast for the senses including chorizo, sangria, gazpacho, and paella. Spain is a country rich in tradition and culture, and going to it will be a memorable trip for everyone.

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