What to see in Bad Gastein Bad Gastein Guide

What to see in Bad Gastein

Nestled in Austria's Salzburg hills, Bad Gastein truly captures the essence of an Austrian spa town. Blessed with an awesome view of the Hohe Tauern National Park, Bad Gastein offers travelers a wide range of activities. When figuring out what to see in Bad Gastein, you have to make sure you try attractions connected with its mountainside locale, historic buildings, and ski trails. If you are looking for a great place for spa treatments and water therapy, put Bad Gastein on your list of travel spots to visit.

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Bad Gastein; Historical claim to fame

Bad Gastein gained international renown as a vacation spot in the 1800s when much of Europe’s royalty trooped to this town’s hot springs for rejuvenation and much-needed rest and recreation.

Not only was Bad Gastein popular with powerful rulers like the German Emperor Wilhelm I, Bulgaria’s Tsar Ferdinand, and Empress Elisabeth of Austria, it also attracted kings like Saudi Arabia’s King Ibn Saud,  historic German chancellor Otto von Bismarck, and Iran’s last shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.The famous scientist Marie Curie also took an interest in Bad Gastein’s famed hot spring waters due to its radon content.

Bad Gastein boasts of several healing tunnels called ‘heilstollen.’  One of these, the Gasteiner Heilstollen was historically significant because silver miners who spent time in this tunnel claimed to have gotten healed of all sorts of ailments ranging from Ankylosing spondylitis to arthritis. While modern medicine has raised some doubts regarding these claims, Bad Gastein has historically been a spa town due to its many ‘therapeutic’ hot springs and spas.

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What to see in Bad Gastein – Famous attractions

Besides its amazing architecture like a collage of snapshots of different architectural eras’ designs, Bad Gastein is most famous for its spas and for its winter sports. If you love to ski, you simply can’t go wrong with Bad Gastein. It has the right slopes and amount snow to make for a great and memorable skiing adventure.

The same goes for snowboarding. In fact, Bad Gastein  regularly hosts championship competitions for snowboarding. Bad Gastein also has a very picturesque waterfall with some scenic historic buildings nearby.