What to see in Barcelona Barcelona Guide

What to see in Barcelona

The traditional chief city of Spain's Catalonia region, Barcelona offers a true cultural, historic, and sensory feast for travelers from all four corners of the world. There is just no way to do justice to all you can see in this amazing city. Still, when trying to figure out what to see in Barcelona, make sure you include as many of the following listed destinations as possible.

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Here’s our quick stop guide of What to see in Barcelona

what to see in barcelona

Las Ramblas

This tree-lined street is the place to be to truly see the city on foot. It is like the spine of Barcelona. While some travelers might balk at the number of other tourists on this road, there are many natives of Barcelona who also walk Las Rambla to get to their destinations, or even just for a Saturday afternoon stroll. Las Rambla’s trees and historic buildings are extremely picturesque, and they truly capture the essence of Barcelona. There are lots of street performers, souvenir sellers, and all sorts of vendors. It captures a typical plaza ambience with a distinctly Catalonian twist.

Barri Gotic

Walk down Las Rambla and enter the old city, also known as Barri Gotic. This part of the city has a medieval and old world feel. You can tell from the maze-like street plan to the majestic historic La Merce Basilica and the Barcelona Cathedral. Walk further up to see the very scenic bridge that crosses over to Bisbe street and check out the classical architecture of the City Hall.

Picasso Museum

Before Picasso became huge in France and the rest of the world as a Cubist master, he spent quite a bit of time in Barcelona although he was born in Malaga. The Picasso Museum stands out in the art world due to its extensive (over 3500 pieces) collection of Picasso’s work. The Museum was able to amass this many Picasso pieces because the key person behind the museum’s founding was Picasso’s secretary Jaume Sabartes.

Sagrada Familia

Barcelona is well-known for the eccentric style of Antoni Gaudi. There are really no words to describe the unique ‘Gaudi style.’ You just have to see the Sagrada Familia to truly appreciate its scope, its daring, and its effects. If there is any one place you need on your what to see in Barcelona list, it is the Sagrada Familia. Interestingly enough, this church isn’t completed yet even though Gaudi died in 1926. Estimates point to the amazing building being ready in 2026, the centennial of the architect’s death. When making a list of what to see in Barcelona, you have to put Sagrada Familia at the top.what to see in barcelona in 2 days

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