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Die 10 besten Reisebücher während in Europa

Consider yourself a bookworm? Then this post on the 10 Best Travel Books While in Europe is right up your alley!

Reading on the road can make your transit time go by faster, keep you company if you’re on your own, and can inspire your next adventure. Read on to see our top recommendations for the best books to read while travelling in Europe!

1. Neither Here Nor There: Travels in Europe – Bill Bryson

This is the classic European travel book. The author takes you on his backpack journey around Europe, starting in Norway to see the Northern Lights and travels all the way to Istanbul. He crosses countries like Denmark, Germany, France, and Italy. The trip takes place in 1990 and reflects on many memories of two earlier Euro Trips he had made as a student. It’s written in a very funny and relatable way which makes it a brilliant book.

2. Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Spain – Chris Stewart

A very funny and insightful book about how the writer left his life in the UK and moved to a farm in Spain. At the age of 17 he retires as the drummer of Genesis and moves to a remote mountain farm in Andalucia without any electricity or running water. It sounds like a dream, but not when the previous owner is refuses to leave. Have you ever dreamt of doing something similar? We recommend picking up this book to see how such a dream can turn out!

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Because every vacation needs it's appropriately-themed read! ? Brought this one, Driving Over Lemons, with me to Spain and was kept thoroughly entertained. All the references to Spanish words, culture and way of life were so in harmony with my surroundings that it felt a natural companion in my journey. ? How about you friends- what are you reading right now?? . . . #holidayread #drivingoverlemons #entrelimones #chrisstewart #greatread #goodbook #truestory #granada #españa #chooseadventure #changeisgood #recommendedreads #lectura #beachbook #lecturarecomendada #spanishlife #culture #bookstagram #currentread #whatimreading #whatareyoureading #booksareawesome #getlostinabook #booklover #igread #nonfiction #booktography #instareads #positivityalways #whenlifegivesyoulemons

Ein Beitrag von geteilt Life•by•Cyndi (@lifebycyndi) on

3. The Wrong Way Home – Peter Moore

In a time where everyone takes planes to explore the world, Peter Moore decides to travel from London to Sydney without using a single plane. He’s a true hippie and experiences amazing things on his journey. Hilarious, inspirational, and slightly alarming, this book takes you on an incredible, off-the-beaten-path journey you won’t soon forget!

4. The Baker’s Daughter – Sarah McCoy

It’s the story of a young woman living in Paris when the Second World War starts. You’re taken along her journey where she tries to understand what’s happening, where she fits in, and how she can help her country. She joins the resistance and the story unfolds from there. It’s a page turner and gives you chilling insight into the lives of women in the resistance in WWII.

5. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

It’s a book with a message: one that teaches you powerful life lessons. It’s about a Spanish shepherd who wants to travel the world, especially The Pyramids. He decides to sell his flock and go to the Arabic dessert. On his journey he learns a lot about himself, love, and what life is truly about. The main message is to follow your dreams, and when you do, life will becomes more satisfying. It’s been translated into over 80 languages!

6. One for the Road – Elise K. Ackers

This book is about a woman who escapes her extremely difficult home situation and travels Europe. She does her trip with 47 others, and rediscovers her freedom as she sees new places and meets new people. It’s an emotional journey as she falls in love with a world far away from home.

7. Going Solo – Roald Dahl

A brilliant book about the life of Roald Dahl, who became a fighter pilot in the Second World War. His story starts in Africa where he joins the Royal Air Force and returns to Europe to fight in the war. The book gives insight into how Dahl’s adventures turned him into the brilliant storyteller he became. If you’re more into audiobooks, we recommend the version narrated by Dan Stevens.

8. My Life in France – Julia Child

Julia Child, the famous master chef, wasn’t always great in the kitchen. When she first arrived in France she didn’t speak the language, and knew nothing about the country. By going to local markets, taking cooking classes, and immersing herself in the culture, her life changed forever. Upon returning to America, she became famous for introducing French cuisine. A great book to read if you’re travelling to France!

9. A year of living Danishly – Helen Russel

When her husband got a job at Lego, Helen moves to Denmark with him. She soon realises the Danes are a lot happier than in other places, so she decides to do her own research. She covers everything from child care to taxes, sex, and education. It’s a hilarious book you can’t put down! If you’ve ever moved to another country it’s very relatable!

10. Unlikely Destinations: the Lonely Planet Story – Tony & Maureen Wheeler

Anybody who travels knows Lonely Planet. The guides have become so incredibly popular you won’t find many people who don’t have a copy in their bookshelves. “Unlikely Destinations: the Lonely Planet Story” is written by Tony & Maureen Wheeler, the founders of Lonely Planet. It’s discusses the start and rise of the company combined with incredible travel tales. It’s amazing to read about the company that’s inspired so many to explore the world. A must read on your Europe trip!

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One of the best books I’ve read (twice) this year was #unlikelydestinations co-written by the founders of @lonelyplanet Maureen and Tony Wheeler. I bumped into this book wandering in a bookshop at the Denpasar airport in Bali. A long flight ahead and no one to chat to. So I picked it up and bought it. It’s all about travel and following your passions although they might lead to weird places. As well it’s about working hard to achieve your goals and reminded me that doing it “my way” is eventually the best way to do it. Despite I am usually a discerning reader of travel diaries and travel books in general, I found their story such an inspiring one and their view in many topics so ahead on times that by the last page I wished I could seat and share a cup of tea with them both to listen to one more funny story. ??#doyouread #oursharedshelf #lonelyplanet #mylp #bookworms #bookwormsunite #readitagain #wanderlust #doyoutravel #onthemove #goodreads #gimmeabook #travelwriting #travelstories #storytelling #inspiringquotes #thislonelyplanet #pages #reading_time #readingcorner #buonviaggio #leggere #ilibriquellibelli #sharethejourney #lpfanphoto #adventuresahead #howtosurvivealongflight

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