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Lage: Jerusalem

Best Hostel in der Stadt!Abraham Hostel Jerusalem is well-known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, helpful staff, and exceptional value. Located only minutes away from Jerusalem's best tourist attractions, It's the perfect spot to call home in this historical city.


If you are in the city, do take some time out to give the local food a try. You will certainly not regret it. The food in this part of the world is to die for.

The Knafeh is a delicious Arab dish made with orange layers of phyallo dough and goat cheese in its melted form. With a dash of rosewater, the Knafeh is best had for dinner. Enjoy yours at Jaffar’s. Knafeh is something one cannot afford to miss when in the city.

The divine Rugelach is for those who like sweets. The infamous dish is best had at the bakery at Machane Yehuda. You will certainly find yourself resisting another order of the same dish every time you sit to eat here.

The rolls of sweet challah are easy to find at any of the well-known bakeries of the city. This challah is something the downtown Peér Bakery is famous for.


Sabich has been something that people freely indulge in when in Jerusalem. This is something that you probably won’t come across anywhere else on the planet. The pita stuffings of eggplant and eggs along with some humus are delicious. Most eat this with mango pickle and other spicy sauces. HaSabichiya serves the very best Sabich and specialize in making only this dish in various forms.

The Malabi pudding is an blancmanage dessert with bits of almonds. The dish is available all over the town. Make sure you leave some room for this tasty treat. The Malabi pudding is perfect for those who have a thing for sweets.

If you like Falafel, then rest assured you will be tasting the best that you have ever had. With fixing of humus, salad, pickles and hot sauce, you will never have had a falafel like this before. Head out to Moshiko for the best falafel in town.


Shawarma is something no tourists can miss when in Jerusalem. The diced meats of turkey, chicken and lamb are layered and prepared in a roti for you to enjoy. The flavours make this dish a must try. Meat lovers love Shawarmas and won’t think twice before ordering some more.

The Meorav Yerushalmi is most recommended by locals of the city. The mixed grill is a delicacy. A large portion of fine chicken is chopped and served with spices and onions. Thereafter, generous amounts of the same are stuffed into some pita bread and then served out. Chatzot is famous for this dish. Make a reservation well in advance for the place can get crowded during the evenings.

what to eat in jerusalem

The Lepeshka is traditional round fluffy bread which is available in the city at most of the bakeries. The caraway seeds lend an earthy like flavour to the crispy bread. You could have this bread over coffee at one of the coffee houses in Jerusalem.

The sambusak is a 3 cornered treat which is quite similar to the Indian snack a samosa. The sambusak is stuffed with chickpeas and ground meat. Vegetarians will find mashed potatoes inside of theirs. The Machane Yehuda serves them every Friday afternoon with tasty sauces.

Was in Jerusalem essen

The shipudim is a kebab which all meat lovers will adore. The fine meat is a treat for tongue and will have you begging for more. Shipudin is one skewer you will easily find at local restaurants without much trouble.

The laffa is a round soft tasty Iraqi bread. In Jerusalem , it is called an eish tanur. Bakeries all over the city have the delicious bread. If you choose to have it with a shawarma, there is no better way to enjoy your meat. The eish tanur bread is perfect for breakfast and lunch.

Be it a high end restaurant or a street vendor, you will find something that will fit your budget and will soothe your hungry taste buds. If you do want to enjoy tasty food, head out to the streets and enjoy some falafel. Jerusalem offers some dishes that will not be able to come across anywhere else. While you are there, make the most of it. Enjoy the tasty delicacies and desserts for a few bucks and treat your stomach to food for the Gods. The meats, breads and puddings are presented uniquely here. Relish the savoury flavors that Jerusalem has to offer.

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