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Tu vas adorer Berlin

There are many reasons why people come to Berlin – and come they do, as the German capital as become one of Europe’s travel hotspots over the past decade or so.
For those who are interested in history, Berlin has it in abundance. After all, there is arguably no more important city in the world when it comes to the major events of the 20th Century.

Beyond all the history there is a vibrant and ever-changing cultural scene, from visual artists who set up pop-up studios in whichever neighbourhood offers up cheap rents, to world class museums and exhibition spaces. For years the music scene has been dominated by electronic music in general, and Techno in particular, and the nightlife scene remains as legendary as in its 1990s heyday.

What remains specific to Berlin, despite tales of rising rents and the normalization of the city after years, indeed decades of flux, is its DIY nature. Where else will you find event spaces occupying old swimming pools, clubs in former office blocks, a climbing wall in an old train yard and karaoke parties where the Wall once stood?

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