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Purple Nest Hostel Valencia

Meilleure auberge à Valence, Espagne

de 15 par nuit 77% taux de satisfaction sur 1 commentaires

Welcome to Purple Nest Hostel, an historical building of 1,936, completely restored except the majestic façade.The hostel is located in the center of the city, a few meters from the river Turia (the largest park in the city) and few minutes walking from the most important places of interest of Valencia: Cathedral, Plaza de la Reina, Barrio del Carmen, etc. Very well connected with the beach, the train station and the City of Arts and Sciences. We have different types of rooms, dorms and...

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Valencia is the capital of the autonomous community of Valencia and Spain's third largest city after Madrid and Barcelona. This wonderful city is located at the Mediterranean sea, modern and clean, full of thriving culture, eating and nightlife scenes.

There are so many things which really worth taking a trip to in this city.
First of all, within the old city limits you will find the Central Market. This is a beautiful building set amongst boulevards, strewn with orange trees and ornate churches, with light shows bounding off the intricate stained windows. Inside the stalls stock everything edible that locals and tourists could ever want.

Secondly, you can't miss Valencia Cathedral: built between 1381 and 1424 this is the most famous and impressive building in the city. It used to be a mosque (twice) but has remained a Catholic cathedral since the reign of Jaume 1.

Valencia city centre is easy enough to cover on foot, so if you want to make the most of it, then wander around the old town.

Once you finished sightseeing the city center you should take a trip all the way down to the coast along the dried up River bed.
Even though Valencia has a very efficient public transportation system, the best way to do it is on foot or by renting a bike!

As you will see, Valencia is a city that perfectly mixes the old with the new so a trip to Valencia must include a day around the City of Arts and Sciences. This ultra modern complex house the biggest aquarium in Europe and the third biggest in the world. In this complex you won't only find the Oceanographic, but also the Opera House, the Science museum, a planetarium, and an amazing Imax cinema.

Uniquely, Valencia is busy all year around. During the winter months it hosts many international business conferences. But it is also a great place to visit during the summer, especially as it has a great beach (Malvarossa and Patacona Beach).
In general, the city boasts a Mediterranean climate with consistently pleasant weather. But if you find yourself near to Valencia around March then their yearly festival Las Fallas is not to be missed. A week of partying and fireworks, Valencia really comes into its own during their celebration of the Saint Jose.

Valencia is most famous for paella (the national rice based dish), which originates here; Orxata an earth-almond milk, made into a drink; its oranges and of course its football team.

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