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Comment les voyageurs réagiront-ils à la crise du COVID-19 ?

Flying, railing, or by Bus. Travelers will be back traveling as quick as dust settles down, but the way we travel might be changed.


While governments rush on plans to recover the economy and summer dreams, Hostels around the globe face the biggest challenge they might have ever faced. Yes, opening doors and going back to normality is the ultimate goal of every hostel owner, Knowing when is time to do so and how however, is vital for survival.

Famous Hostels has used its social media, mailing lists and network and went looking for answers on how travelers are feeling these days and what hostels can expect when borders are opened again. Here are the results:


Copenhagen downtown hostel

Copenhagen downtown hostel in Denmark never really closed its doors, their bar has been open again for locals since mid May.




Only a quarter of the answers do not see themselves traveling again in 2020.


Almost 50% of travelers affirmed they will be traveling as soon, or a few weeks as travel regulations a lifted.

The good news are: From the 758 answers we got in these 2 weeks, 49,9% affirmed they are ready to hit the road within a few weeks after the borders are open. Another 22.8% will wait a bit longer, until COVID is no longer a threat. 26% were more pessimistic and don’t see themselves traveling anytime this year.

Europeans seem to be the most confident about traveling very soon (53%), while only 28,9% South and Central Americans – still suffering with the impact of COVID- see themselves traveling again in 2020.


Europeans are the most confident when asked if they will travel anytime soon.

As far as age groups, Generation X is the least confident on traveling again in 2020 marking 30,2%, against 23,2% for Gen Z and 28,7% for millennials.

travel survey by age

Older generations are less confident they will be traveling again soon


How and why?

Over 70% will travel for leisure: Catch up with friends and family, or just a very well deserved get away after so long time constrained.

Flying seem to remain as the preferred transportation method. Yet, 35% of the participants don’t really seem to care to how they will get to their final destination, price will be the main factor when planning the next trip.

Whilst Europeans have not waived that a long backpacking trip is part of their short vision, North Americans stand out as the most likely to go traveling for a longer period soon.

why will you travel location

While Europeans are ready to go and visit friends and family, American’s are more likely to go backpacking.


The same happens with younger future backpackers:


Younger travelers will be more likely to go backpacking

Game changer.

European’s will be traveling locally to visit families and friends, North Americans are more likely to longer trips, younger people are more likely to go backpacking…You must be saying, This all sounds pretty regular and expected.

What caught our attention was that despite a positive scenario regarding how travelers will resume their activities, most travelers will be rather staying at friends and families, proving that these 3 last months locked in have not only impacted travelers social needs, but their travel savings(despite the fact that over 50% of the enquired individuals affirmed to be still working).

When asked about their accommodation choice before and post crisis, “Family and friends” has jumped from humble 7.7% to 28.2%.

Travelers will visit friends in a first phase.


From the 45.5% who have previously flagged hostels as their first choice, 25,8% have migrated to “Family and Friends” as a first choice, and only 11,90% would be likely to book a Hotel or Airbnb instead.

From hostel to friends

50% of hostel users will still pick a hostel, but friends and family stand out as options.


New Times, new demands

As most industry experts (and non experts) had previewed, privates rooms will grow in general demand (40,4% picked it as their first shot). Yet, at least 40% of the usual hostel clientele does not seem to be scared, and ready to go back to normality.

accomodation choices

Private rooms are growing in interest, yet, Dorms are not completely out of question for Hostel fans.

When asked about what will be the main filtering criteria when picking up their accommodation, something called out for attention.

While hostels owners are challenged to think out of the box to keep the hostel vibe we all love, yet comply to tight local health regulations, atmosphere is not the main concern for future travelers, with 8,8% of the votes. Organized events is barely visible in the results with 0,4% of the answers.

Cleanliness and Safety however has taken 45% of the answers, confirming that travelers are ready to move again no matter what, but Hostels must pay attention to health and higiene procedures as a way stand out in the market.

As a network with some of the best hostels in Europe, we are encouraging our members to keep up leading the market standards and follow global guidelines such as WTTC‘s .

If you are planning to travel anytime soon, some of our locations are already up and ready, check our locations list here, and come visit some old friends and make news ones.

Where’s your next stop?


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