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Street Art Destinations: Europe

Europe is a popular destination for street artists and street art lovers. Once seen as a form of vandalism, it’s gained respect and admiration by the art community and the public. Street art separates itself from graffiti lacking beauty or meaning, and gives life to otherwise boring public spaces. Many cities have made it a main tourist attraction! Read on to discover the most colourful street art destinations in Europe!

1. Bristol, UK

If there’s one street art destination in the UK worth visiting, it’s Bristol! Banksy put Bristol on the Street Art map in 2000 with his famous exhibition at Severnshed. Bristol continues to welcome artists and tourists year after year.

UpFest is held in Bristol, and is Europe’s largest Street Art festival! But if you miss it, you can check out Bristol Street Art Tours, which takes you to all the famous areas!

2. Ghent (Belgium)

Ghent is home to possibly the greatest street art in Europe. For centuries, Belgium has been a pioneer in art and illustration. Famous artists like Bisser, Jolly, Night, and Roa have their work displayed in Ghent. You can take several street art tours to see it all!

3. Milan, Italy

Milan isn’t just a city for fashion and football. In other words, it’s a beacon for street art lovers! Highlights in the Italian financial capital include work by: Mr. Blob, Nais, Blu, Sten Lex, 108, and Urbansolid. You can find Nais’s work on the SpazioWow Museum, and UrbanSolid is found throughout the city. The best way to see it all is to do a street art tour!

4. Valencia, Spain

One of the newest street art destinations in Europe is Valencia. Barrio del Carmen (the city’s oldest neighbourhood) is where you’ll find the coolest street art! Valencia’s facades change yearly, bringing new artists and art enthusiasts every year.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

Considered one of the street art capitals of Europe, Lisbon is a must-visit destination! The atmosphere and welcome attitude towards this form of art makes it popular for artists and enthusiasts. Lisbon is sure to satisfy your street art desires!

6. Cologne, Germany

Cologne is the street art Mecca in Germany. You can find lots of festivals and activities in Cologne dedicated to street art. Our favourite is the CityLeaks Festival, which offers tours around neighbourhoods with works by popular artists like Bocho.

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Die Reise ist zu Ende und ich habe endlich Zeit, um einige Aufnahmen, die ich nahm. So viel Kunst in den letzten 6 Tagen gesehen zu haben ist es schwer zu entscheiden, was zuerst zu teilen. Ich bin ein großer Fan dieses Künstlers, also los gehts. @inti_cl für @cityleaks Urban Art Festival in Köln ?? (2011).... #urbanphotography #streetarteverywhere #streetartphotography #tv_streetart #rsa_graffiti #timjentschstreetart #timjentsch #isupportstreetart #jj_urbanart #streetart #graffiti #urbanart #strassenkunst #arteurbano #arteurbana #instastreetart #streetart #cityleaks #urbanartfestival #colognestreetart #streetartcologne #streetartgermany #streetartdeutschland #inti

Ein Beitrag von geteilt Tim Jentsch (@timjentsch) auf

7. Marseille, France

This guide would be incomplete without mentioning Marseille! The bohemian district of Cours Julien is full of beautiful murals which cover entire buildings. Something worth noting is the amount of stencil art in found in the city in comparison to others.

8. Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch are known for their creativity and appreciation of art, and Rotterdam is no exception. This small Dutch city is home to incredible street art! The RUA Festival held in 2009 left a legacy of large murals which can still be appreciated today.

And that’s our guide to Europe’s Street Art Destinations! Now you know where to find the best spots! Be sure to book your accommodation at Europe's Famous Hostels! A genuine hostel experience for real backpackers.

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