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10 choses cool à faire à Copenhague

If you’re up for Nordic cuisine, colourful waterways and sensational smorrebrod then get tucked into our top 10 cool things to check out on a visit to Copenhagen.

1. Freetown Christiania

There’s nowhere else like Christiana, and this controversial ‘Free State’ has been a mecca for artists and alternative lifestyle lovers since the 70’s. Technically it’s an anarchist commune, but away from the politics it’s a great place to enjoy music, organic and vegan food, markets, chill out on the waterfront and soak up the atmosphere. Now more known for Pusher Street and the lax attitude to marijuana than the hippie idealism and resident artists, Christiania is still an interesting place to go. The walk here from the center is pretty along the canalsides with plenty of boats and colourful houses to keep you insta-happy on the way!

2. Awesome Festivals

Do you like to party? Copenhagen does. With Famous festivals like Distortion, mega-festival Roskilde, rockfest Copenhell, and Frost Festival, Copenhagen knows how to celebrate music, arts and community all year round. Along with the big blockbuster summer festivals there are also winter festivals including the world famous Jazz Festival. Another not to miss is Copenhagen Pride which throws an amazing party and parade every August. Summer hosts most of these parties but there’s always something to celebrate going on around town!

3. WestMarket in Vesterbro

If you’re looking for a cool spot to eat, drink and check out the local vibe, then head to Westmarket in trendy Vesterbro. This is a great place to grab a beer or snack and enjoy the atmosphere (there are sometimes bands and music on weekend evenings), or enjoy some delicious dining or sunset cocktails in the evening. There’s a whole heap of choice of things to eat from Danish pastries to Mexican street food, and its location in hip Vesterbro means it’s always an interesting crowd.

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Du kan stadig nå at swappe tøj på Fashion Revolution Days marked i Westmarket. Vi markerer dagen hvor Rana Plaza (tekstil fabrikken) i Bangladesh kollapsede og 1138 mennesker mistede livet og over 2500 blev sårede og mistede deres levebrød. No one should die for fashion. Og vi er jo forbrugerene og tillader vi fast fashion ved at købe det, er vi jo med til at undertrykke de her såkaldte tekstil slaver. Og dem er der minimum 13 millioner af på verdensplan. Så husk at du med dine penge er med til at vælge hvilken verden vi lever i. Jeg tillader ikke at nogen skal lide for mine klude og derfor tog jeg en konsekvent beslutning for mange år siden udelukkede at bære bæredygtigt tøj. #fashionrevolution #ranaplaza #ecoevent #talks #fashrev #westmarket #swapmarket

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4. Designer Shopping

Strøget is the world’s longest and oldest pedestrianised shopping street, so you’re in for a treat if shopping is your thing. Along with some high street retailers, this is the place to spot some of the big Danish brands including designer heaven and Queen’s favourite, Illums Bolighuns. For vintage clothes and retro designer bargains try the markets in Nørrebro and the vintage shops of Nørreport.

5. Hip Vesterbro Bars

The coolest bars in town are undoubtably in the former meatpacking area, Kobyen in hip Vesterbro. It’s all fancy cocktails and organic brewed beer here – and if you’re lucky then some good outdoor terraces too. Here you can find the famous Mesteren & La/erlingen for a long night or Mikkeller Bar or their brewery beer in meat lovers’ WarPigs restaurant, cosy Lidkoeb bar, hip NOHO, along with long term favourite late night bar Jolene’s (no cocktails here!). The latest hype is for the cocktails at Duck & Cover – more than just a pina colada!

6. Superkilen Park

The geometric wizadry in this multicultural space has changed a whole city block into a park celebrating diversity through futuristic design and fixtures. A place to chill out, sit on a bench, skate, walk and bike – this ultra-modern hot-pink city block has become a symbol of all the rich culture in Copenhagen’s most diverse neighbourhood. Check it out for instagood vibes.

7. Saunas

Did you know Copenhagen has a Sauna festival? We Danish love getting naked and enjoying the warmth and cosiness of a communal sauna in the dark winter months. There are several around town including a community sauna in Christiania. Don’t be shy!

8. Torvhallen Food Market

If you’re into trying different foods then check out Torvhallen Food Market in Nørreport – this indoor market has a variety of well known market stalls with specialised produce, as well as great restaurants where you can try and buy all kinds of Danish goodies. Organic is king here so expect fresh produce from all over Denmark as well as the best coffee from Coffee Collective.

9. Bike it like a local

390km of dedicated cycling lanes around Copenhagen means that it’s the perfect city to bike around – so make like a local and get on your (hire) bike! The best way to enjoy harbour views, check out the coolest neighbourhoods and get around town is on two wheels, so make the most of this free and easy way to get around.

10. Outdoor Swimming at the Harbour Baths

Check out the summer hotspots at Copenhagen Harbour Baths! These are located around town in the city’s waterways – the most famous at Islands Brygge where you can take a dip in the cool clean waters of the city’s harbours. There are picnic areas and diving boards as well as pools at various depths to take a dip in the refreshing sea, 24 hours a day.

Looking for more cool tips for Copenhagen hotspots? Check out the blog at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel – the best Famous Hostel in Copenhagen to stay for Genuine Backpackers.

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