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Découvrez Séville

Lieu : Séville Longueur: 2,5 - 3 heures Nécessaire : Bonne humeur Language: English and Spanish

Meilleure auberge en ville !Oasis Hostel Séville possède une vraie maison de l’atmosphère. Ajouter dans une piscine imbattable de localisation et sur le toit, il est facile de voir pourquoi Séville Oasis est la meilleure auberge de jeunesse à la ville !

Infos de base

Seville has all the great things Madrid and Barcelona have been trying to leave behind for decades – siestas, bullfights, tapas, flamenco – and it is incredibly sexy and beautiful for it. A city where people are united by tapas and divided by football and where the ghosts of Spain walk the streets, be they fictional, like Don Juan and Carmen or historical, like Cervantes and Columbus.

Winding your way through the narrow streets gives you the feeling of being in a completely different universe; The crowds are welcoming and friendly, and bullfighting; a religion. Being in Seville will leave you feeling in-love and content.

Go on a Walking Tour with Oasis Backpackers Seville

The best way to explore a city is getting into a free walking tour. Seville is full of hidden gems and what the best way to expore it than with a local guide? You will get around the city and hear about all the stories of the city. Every inch of the city is covered in history. Believe us – Il vaut la marche !

Book now your tour and explore the wonders and secrets of Seville with local guides!

What to see in Seville

While in Seville you can visit the Giralda, the cathedral (8 min. walking distance) with a 100 m high tower and an area of 11,520 square meters was considered the largest church of the world. The tomb of Christopher Columbus is always of great interest to scholars and tourists alike and the climb to the top of Giralda is considered well worth the effort for the views alone.

The Alcazár (9 min) is the oldest royal residence in the world with continual use. Today it remains as the official residence of the kings of Spain during their visits to Seville. Also you can enjoy a nice walk through the marvelous royal gardens.

The Archivo de Indias (9 min) located right next to the cathedral is the archive of the Indies and is where all the historical records of the American continent are kept. It was declared as World Heritage together with the Cathedral and the Alcazar in 1987.

Built for the EXPO in 1929 the Plaza de España is one of the nicest squares in Sevilla. It has represented by elaborate tiles made in Triana of all the Spanish provinces. It also served as the Royal planet Naboo in a Star Wars film!

The Casa Pilatos (15 min) is an archetype of a Seville manor, elegant and rich. Renaissance, Moorish and Flamboyant Gothic styles blend it.

The Barrio de Santa Cruz (9 min.) is the most popular and crowded neighbourhood of Seville, for its typical narrow streets, their houses, and their yards filled with flowers, the murmur of fountains, the scent of orange blossom and all the charm and legends that surround him.

The Metropol Parasol (5 min.) which you can already see from the roof terrace is great for its spectacular views of the city. Open until midnight so you can even choose to check out the city by daylight or when all the yellow cosy lights are on.

You can also visit the Torre del Oro, the Bullring, the Town Hall, the Fine Arts Museum (the second largest picture gallery in Spain), plus convents, parish churches and palaces.

Seville is great for going out due to the huge variety of venues in a small area. You can easily visit four or five completely different bars without walking more than ten minutes between any of them.

The main areas are: Alfalfa, where Pérez Galdós gets so packed with people on Friday and Saturday nights that cars can’t drive down it; Alameda, which has a more alternative scene, with lots of gay bars and clubs; and Calle Betis by the river in Triana, which is wall-to-wall with venues, from quiet bars to all-night clubs.

In the summer, when the temperature is still in the 30s at night, there’s a big bar scene along the river, on Calle Betis in Triana and Arjona and Torneo on the other side, as well as outdoor bars in some of the parks. Clubbing moves to the Isla de la Cartuja, where young people pack the many seasonal outdoor venues. A Cubano (double measure of spirit with mixer) will normally set you back between 4 and 5 euros, while a small glass of beer (Caña) is about 1,20 euro. Red wine (Tinto) is reliable, often Rioja, and costs about 1.50 to 2 euros a glass, while the white (Blanco) is usually sweet and not to English taste.

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We will pick you up every morning at the Oasis Backpackers’ Palace and the Oasis Backpackers’ Hostel Seville (check with reception for the time) and this tour is FREE of charge! If you enjoyed the tour please tip the guide at the end of the tour.


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